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battle of the bulge

slang The struggle to lose weight and/or stay slim. The phrase is a humorous reference to the World War II battle of the same name. The battle of the bulge keeps me going to the gym.
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be bulging at the seams

slang To be overly crowded. Because of all the delays this morning, the train station is bulging at the seams. Good luck finding a place to sit!
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battle of the bulge

the attempt to keep one's waistline slim. (Jocular. Alludes to a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge. I've been fighting the battle of the bulge ever since I turned 35.
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bulge out

to swell outward; to extend out into a lump or mound. The puppy's tummy bulged out, full of food. The bag of grass clippings bulged out heavily.
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bulge with something

to be swollen with something. The bag was bulging with gifts and candy. The chipmunk's cheeks bulged with the nuts it had found.
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be bulging/bursting at the seams

if a place is bursting at the seams, it has a very large number of people or things in it All my family came to stay for the wedding and our little house was bursting at the seams.
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bulge out

1. To swell or protrude outward: I ate so much that my stomach was bulging out.
2. To bend or warp out of proper shape or alignment: If it gets too hot, the sides of the stove will bulge out.
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battle of the bulge

n. the attempt to keep one’s waistline normal. (Named for a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge.
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Graves' eye disease, also known as Graves' ophthalmopathy, would be present in about half of people who have Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder and the treatment for the bulging eyes involved orbital decompression surgery, whereas, double vision was treated with a different surgery, which straightens the eyes by adjusting the eye muscles.
On the other hand, the word escapee(SKP), extasy(XTC), and the element cesium(CZM) are not fully self-contained, but bulging.
In statistical analyses, the disc bulging rate in the patient group was significantly high, when compared with the asymptomatic group (p<0.
The input loading paths for the internal pressure and axial feeding displacements were controlled by PC-based test controller attached to the hot oil tube bulging system.
SHADY MADONNA: Singer hides under sunglasses and, inset, bulging veins Picture: REX FEATURES
However, 4 months after surgery and with discontinuation of the drug, the same bulging observed initially occurred again in the right hemiface.
One good thing about modern methods of construction is that they result in far fewer bulging walls than we had 30 years ago.
These works spring from the rise of the counterculture and the conflict in Vietnam; military insignia appear, and the bourgeois family home is unmasked as a sexual hothouse--Mom's tight sweater and Dad's bulging crotch call up the concerns of Saul's contemporary Robert Crumb.
There is definitely more to North Wales than meets the bulging eye
I have had varicose veins since I was 25 and now both legs have bulging veins.
Just doing sit-ups will not flatten a bulging stomach.
The main stair rises from the entrance hall entered from a porch carved out under the bulging bay on the garden side.
Using an electron-beam scanner, researchers have detected calcium deposits in the coronary arteries of children who previously had Kawasaki disease, an inflammatory ailment that when active can cause an aneurysm, or bulging blood vessel.
poster campaign which showed people cheekily eating a piece of Toblerone with the triangular shape of the chocolate bulging in their cheeks.
None deserve the biggest blame for our bulging body parts, says Sears.