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battle of the bulge

the attempt to keep one's waistline slim. (Jocular. Alludes to a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge. I've been fighting the battle of the bulge ever since I turned 35.
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bulge out

to swell outward; to extend out into a lump or mound. The puppy's tummy bulged out, full of food. The bag of grass clippings bulged out heavily.
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bulge with something

to be swollen with something. The bag was bulging with gifts and candy. The chipmunk's cheeks bulged with the nuts it had found.
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be bulging/bursting at the seams

if a place is bursting at the seams, it has a very large number of people or things in it All my family came to stay for the wedding and our little house was bursting at the seams.
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bulge out

1. To swell or protrude outward: I ate so much that my stomach was bulging out.
2. To bend or warp out of proper shape or alignment: If it gets too hot, the sides of the stove will bulge out.
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battle of the bulge

n. the attempt to keep one’s waistline normal. (Named for a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge.
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This not only bulged the barrel but it split it at the site of the bulge.
The dimensions of the workpiece and final bulged part are shown schematically in Fig.
Figure 13 presents the results of the (110)[alpha] and (040)[alpha] pole figures of the bulged samples at a range of axial feeds.
Figures 14 and 15 show the true stress-strain behavior of the tensile samples machined from the middle of the extruded and bulged tubes with a draw ratio of DR = 6.
Bulged template sequences are not used in MeltCalc, and therefore bulge analysis could not be performed with this software.
Coasts that lie in the bulged area experience high water levels, or high tides.
However, you can only do this if the wall hasn't bulged too much.
Via a frontal extradural craniotomy approach, we exposed the bony wall of the right anterior ethmoid sinus, which had bulged toward the frontal space of the cranium.
Orbiting above and below the bulged center of the Milky Way is an elongated, wispy contingent of stars.
An outward movement of the shell is a bulge leading to excessive casting dimensions in the bulged areas.