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Plus, he says, traditional building owners face the risk of obsolescence: If everyone else is choosing to build healthy efficient buildings, do I really want to be stuck with an outdated dinosaur that's unhealthy?
It cost 15 percent more to build, but chairman and CEO Peter Sodini says, "Our payback should be quick because we will be using 25 percent less energy than a conventionally built store.
Just a few years after it was finished, Met Life--very much wanting to retake the tallest title--announced it would build a 100-story tower.
We are projecting that in 10 to 12 years, that number will rise to 40 to 50 percent," said Belle, who added that in seven states design build is still not legal.
Compact eco-homes, for instance, are more sustainable in every way: They're a bargain to build, maintain and operate.
Some architects claim an eco-house is too involved to build successfully from published blueprints (thereby saving the expense of architects and environmental consultants).
The playground builds will involve members of each local benefit community and each will include unique events special for that neighborhood.
Automating your build process supports the "Promotion to Production" control objective necessary for SOX compliance and can diminish the potential for errors and decrease the time spent by internal resources on manual builds.
Teamstudio(R), the global leader in developing software integrity solutions for Lotus Notes development organizations, offers Teamstudio Build Manager for automating the steps within the build process to ensure an error free build and guarantee a secure production environment.
Community Build Day demonstrates to the public how the financial services industry works 365 days a year to improve the cities which they serve," said Steve Bartlett, President and CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable.
Finally, new cluster sharing improves build throughput by as much as forty percent, meeting the needs of customers running hundreds or thousands of builds a week.
1 accelerates builds 10 - 20 times by distributing the software build in parallel across scalable clusters of inexpensive, industry-standard servers.
Supporting enterprise builds on Z/OS, USS, OS/390, LINUX, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, Windows and Mac-OS, Openmake 6.
Electric Cloud, the software build infrastructure company, today announced the commercial availability of the first software build accelerator in 25 years to dramatically speed software builds -- Electric Cloud 2.
Latest Version Adds to Fully Automated System With New Features That Streamline the Software Development Build, Test and Release Processes