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Quarry some stones with those great swords of yours, and help me to build a city.
The five soldiers grumbled a little, and muttered that it was their business to overthrow cities, not to build them up.
A notable exception was the Vermont Builds Greener certification system.
The might of a corporation lingers in the monuments it builds long after it has gone.
Common Ground, a non-profit agency that builds and develops affordable housing, is using the design-build system for its restoration of the Prince George Ballroom on East 28th Street, which is being coordinated by Beyer Blinder Belle.
It takes a lot of research to stay on top of the game and design along these lines," notes Austin-based architect Peter Pfeiffer, who is on the board of Casa Verde, a firm that builds low-income green housing in Austin.
Year-long series of events supports reading, playground builds, environment and the friendship teddy bears provide
By automating a best practices build, developers and administrators gain the advantage of consistent "one-click" builds with comprehensive audit trails or "promotion histories.
Champ's purple patch heart is a symbol of Nikki and Champ builds on her legacy, providing encouragement to all kids who must deal with difficult challenges.
Champ's purple patch heart is a symbol of Nikki, and this new bear builds on her legacy and provides encouragement to all kids like her that so bravely deal with what life gives them.
com) builds on more than a century of breakthrough innovation and client success using collaborative R&D.
Unlike manual processes for performing application builds, Teamstudio Build Manager is designed to automatically configure applications so they can be moved to the next stage of development, providing a secure gateway between development, QA and production.
The day began on August 5 with Steve Bartlett, President and CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable, presenting Roland Lewis, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity New York, with a grant check for $52,500 made possible by all of the financial services companies participating in the New York City builds.
Their product build times are growing and they need to run literally thousands of builds every week," said John Graham-Cumming, Chief Scientist at Electric Cloud.
1 accelerates builds 10 - 20 times by distributing the software build in parallel across scalable clusters of inexpensive, industry-standard servers.