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BOSTON, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at a special kick-off event on Boston Common, American Biophysics Corporation, the creator of the Mosquito Magnet(R) Advanced Biting Insect Defense System(TM), and 'Farmers' Almanac'(TM), the 188-year publication famous for its long-range weather predictions, announced their prediction for the 2005 Mosquito Magnet(R)/'Farmers' Almanac' "Top 10 Buggiest Cities" and the "10 Runner-up Buggiest Cities" in the United States.
To predict the Mosquito Magnet(R)/'Farmers' Almanac' "Top 10 Buggiest Cities," the pair reviewed the top 100 most populous metropolitan areas and then applied eight criteria considered to be real predictors of mosquito activity and problems.
Ever wonder what are the 10 buggiest cities in the country?