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The man is thought to have caught the bug off a Hong Kong businessman.
Candy Myers, California Kids' head designer, translated patterns and colorways from the company's textiles lines to create Bug Off, Katie and Fairy Tales.
Newland doubts that someone sneaked the potent bug off the island intentionally.
We have seen this before in the countryside and the rain may well wash the bug off the fields, contaminating the water supply for short periods.
He adds: "I caught the bug off my motorsport-daft dad who took me to meetings from as long as I can remember.
But "once we see the customer is not really interested, we will just bug off.
Last week, a majority of justices held that if a job supervisor hits on a worker long enough and hard enough, the company that employs the supervisor can be sued by the worker for sexual harassment, even if the company did not know what was going on, and even if the worker is promoted after telling the pesky supervisor to bug off.
Bug Off - Prepare for the steamy Labor Day weather with plenty of bug repellant, sunscreen and water.