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D 95 105 112 127 Table 6 -- Halo Effect in Various UV-Curable Resins Resin Halo Effect UA Resin A Not Tested UA Resin B Halo UA Blend 1 Medium Halo UA Blend 2 Slight Halo UA Blend 3 Slight Halo UA Blend 4 No Halo UA Blend 5 Slight Halo Commercial UV Refinish No Halo Commercial 2K Refinish No Halo Table 7 -- DOI and Gloss Before and After Sanding and Buffing Initial Resin DOI 20 [degrees] 60 [degrees] UA Resin A ND ND ND UA Resin B 97 86 90 UA Blend 1 97 86 91 UA Blend 2 97 86 91 UA Blend 3 97 87 91 UA Blend 4 97 87 91 UA Blend 5 97 86 91 Commercial UV Refinish 79.
The accompanying Auger spectrum taken before buffing shows Fe, O, and C present on the nodule, where only C was detected in a spectrum taken in an adjacent area (not shown).
An EDX spectrum provides supplementary interpretation in that the Cr, P, and O concentrations are much higher after the first buffing, again suggesting the hole goes to the substrate.
PHOTO : A backscattered electron micrograph (left) and a secondary electron micrograph (right) of the same disk area after one buffing show that the nodular asperity in the unbuffed coating has been removed, leaving a hole in the disk coating.
PHOTO : A backscattered electron micrograph (left) and a secondary electron micrograph (right) show the same disk area after two buffings.
Buffing mechanically lowers the peak, reducing the distance to the valley, allowing the light to reflect back along the path of reflectance and producing a mirror-like finish, The shorter the distance between the peaks and the valleys, the higher the reflectance.
Initial cut-down buffing - producing a smooth finish with low lustre
Cut and colour buffing - very smooth finish and some lustre
Colour buffing - producing a high gloss or mirror finish
The glue holds the abrasive grain on the buffing wheel in a grease-free environment.
Each ingredient of the binder is chosen to impart a specific function to the bar, such as lubricity, adherence to the buffing wheel, hardness, or cleaning capability.
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