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in (the) bud

In an undeveloped, immature, or incipient state. Tommy has become quite a little painter in bud recently. The young dramatist's style led one reviewer to liken him to an Ibsen in the bud.
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bud out

Of a plant, to produce buds (which blossom into leaves or flowers). I'm so relieved to see that flower budding out—I thought I had killed it!
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bud scale

The hard, protective layer surrounding the buds of some plants. Oh, that's just a bud scale—your plant is fine.
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bud out

[for a flowering plant or tree] to develop buds. How early in the spring do the trees bud out around here? The trees bud out in early spring.
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nip something in the bud

Fig. to put an end to something before it develops into something larger. (Alludes to destroying a flower bud before it blooms.) I wanted to nip that little romance in the bud. The whole idea was nipped in the bud.
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nip in the bud

Halt something at an early stage, or thoroughly check something. For example, By arresting all the leaders, they nipped the rebellion in the bud. This metaphoric expression, alluding to a spring frost that kills flower buds, was first recorded in a Beaumont and Fletcher play of 1606-1607.
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nip something in the bud

1. If you nip a bad situation or bad behaviour in the bud, you stop it at an early stage. It is important to recognize jealousy as soon as possible and to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.
2. If you nip something good in the bud, you stop it before it can develop. The higher prices would fuel inflation and nip the consumer recovery in the bud. Note: This expression may refer to extremely cold weather damaging a plant and stopping it flowering. Alternatively, it may refer to a gardener pruning a plant in bud to prevent it flowering.
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best bud

n. a best buddy; a best friend. Isn’t Bill your best bud? Why are you so mad at him?
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n. a Budweiser beer; any beer. (see also budhead.) How ’bout one of them buds in a green bottle?


and sense (bud) (sɪnts and ˈsɛnts (bəd))
n. seedless marijuana. (Drugs. From Spanish sinsemilla, “seedless.”) Where’s the sinse I was saving? Tom only gets high on sense bud.

sense bud

See sinse
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Skate Buds International will dedicate the Skate Buds brand to healthy lifestyles promotion.
The twig needs to be big enough to show the position of the buds (opposite or alternate) and should include at least one bud scale scar to show the previous year's growth.
The flavour profile of Butter Buds - Bacon[TM] is more natural tasting than other bacon flavours - and not as lingering.
To test their hypothesis, the researchers first worked with taste buds removed from normal mice.
Taste buds are onion-shaped, multicellular organelles that project to the epithelial surface of the papilla.
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This time of the year squirrels are looking for sugary deposits in plants and will often take buds off sampling perhaps every tenth until they find ones sweet enough.
But killing thrips at that point is difficult because they are feeding within the protection of the buds.
What's more, Taste Buds rapidly deployed the restaurant's back office management and accounting software system in the new restaurants, and trained the new managers to use the application's functionality in record time.
DALLAS, March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Skate Buds International Corporation, a Dallas based corporation, announced today a new and innovate line of exercise skating products, Skate Buds, strap-on heel skates.
You two have been buds since you shared a sandbox back in pre-K.