budget (something) for (something)

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budget (something) for (something)

To set aside a specific amount of something, often money or time, for something else (such as an expense or task). Did you budget enough money for all of your bills this month? I was almost late to class because I didn't budget enough time for editing my paper.
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budget something for someone or something

to set aside a certain amount of money for someone or something. Did you budget some money for the holiday party? I budgeted a few hundred a month for Andrew's college expenses.
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budget for

To set aside some amount of money for something or someone: For the party, we budgeted $1,000 for musicians and food.
See also: budget
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Governments abandon annual budgeting for MYB based on the rational that 1) they will improve their long-term planning and priority setting process, 2) better manage financial resources, and 3) reduce budget staff time dedicated to developing an operating budget.
Budgeting for and controlling the cost of other in library expenditures: The distant relative in the budgetary process.
With a large number of cost centers and accounts, we wanted a more manageable way to plan and analyze budget detail rather than relying exclusively on Excel spreadsheets," said Bob Shelley, manager of financial planning and budgeting for Binney & Smith.
Comshare has specialized in financial applications such as budgeting for many years and has a wide range of customers around the world who use its budgeting and consolidated applications.