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champagne taste on a beer budget

Expensive or extravagant tastes or preferences that are beyond one's economic means. I only earn minimum wage, but I can't stop buying designer clothes and eating at the best restaurants—I guess I've got champagne taste on a beer budget!
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shoestring budget

A budget or allotment of resources that is very meager, sparse, or just enough to suit its purpose. Unfortunately, due to government cutbacks following the recession, our department has had to produce the same levels of work on a shoestring budget. I did all sorts of traveling with just a shoestring budget when I was in college. You learn very quickly how to make the most of what you have!
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budget (something) for (something)

To set aside a specific amount of something, often money or time, for something else (such as an expense or task). Did you budget enough money for all of your bills this month? I was almost late to class because I didn't budget enough time for editing my paper.
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budget something for someone or something

to set aside a certain amount of money for someone or something. Did you budget some money for the holiday party? I budgeted a few hundred a month for Andrew's college expenses.
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budget for

To set aside some amount of money for something or someone: For the party, we budgeted $1,000 for musicians and food.
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mod. [of something] of low quality or cheap. Don’t you dare bring back any of that budget pizza!

budget dust

n. a minor amount of money considering the size of the entire budget; money left over at the end of the budget year. The amount is just budget dust, chump change! What’s the big deal?
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budget squeeze

and budget crunch
n. a situation where there is not enough money in the budget. Facing another budget squeeze, the legislators were forced to put off their pay increase. If it wasn’t for the budget crunch, I’d get a good raise this year.
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budget crunch

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When the regulator and the budgeter have similar levels of
More important, budgeters need to use the Internet much more, making the budget available in downloadable form.
CONTACT: Furkat Kasimov of Budgeter, +1-800-647-2164, fax +1-800-647-2142
Older travellers are more likely to identify themselves as budgeters.
Government budgeters and programmers are motivated to take risk also, or to buy into optimistic assumptions or speculative management fads as alternatives to having to kill needed programs.
County budgeters also expect the road fund's reserves to be down to less than $10 million by next summer.
These results imply that the "happy retirees" might have a higher propensity to consume compared with the "balanced budgeters," even though these two clusters have similar levels of household income.
The automated tool saves time and it gives financial offices and budgeters data and the time to analyze data that they couldn't do before because they did not have the data or the time for analysis.
The fact that the RF-84F was late in delivery, short of range, and only existed at a single wing made it an easy target for SAC budgeters.
This might sound like an inane piece of information for a coordinator to have at their disposal, but 3viewer gives all networked printers a life expectancy and this can help budgeters prepare for potential breakdowns as appliances reach their expiration date.
The over-55s are the best budgeters with almost half (46%) managing their money, compared to just 27% of those aged 18 to 34.
The over-55s are the best budgeters, with almost half managing their money, compared to just 27 per cent of those aged 18 to 34.
How can PFM players successfully serve PFM to a mass audience rather than just a niche audience of do-it-yourself budgeters and investors?
That gives the Bundestag's budgeters a tighter grip on all euro rescue funds.
And one common feature of running a successful farm business in New Zealand was the strength of the team involved - from accountants, consultants, staff, nutritionists, feed budgeters and bank managers and, of course, family.