budge an inch

not budge/give an inch

to refuse to change your opinion or agree to even very small changes that another person wants I keep asking her to think again, but she won't budge an inch. (sometimes + on ) He refuses to give an inch on health and safety issues.
See trust an inch
See also: budge, inch
References in classic literature ?
The trapper kicked and cudgelled, but to every blow and kick the mule snorted and kicked up, but still refused to budge an inch.
But he, holding firmly on to the platform, did not budge an inch, and let the storm pass on, which would soon have assumed formidable proportions, if Michel Ardan had not quieted it by a gesture.
Who's that been dropping an anchor overboard --we don't budge an inch --we're becalmed.
Nay, if thou dost budge an inch I will rattle this staff about thine ears.
I did not budge an inch and passed him on a perfectly equal footing
But if you plod along, for half an hour, over this soft, easy carpet - giving way at every step, yielding the more the harder you press, - you'll find it rather wearisome work, and be glad enough to come to a bit of good, firm rock, that won't budge an inch whether you stand, walk, or stamp upon it; and, though it be hard as the nether millstone, you'll find it the easier footing after all.
But the young Koreans didn't budge an inch and fought it out hard with the veteran Filipino players as they made a huge number of Overseas Filipino Workers go home frustrated this time.
And there could be one curious long-term repercussion to the Blues' unwillingness to budge an inch.
Governments had been trying for years -- admittedly, not too fervently -- to introduce similar changes, but always failed because the union refused to budge an inch.
But on a night of more spit than polish, the major rivals in LVG's rat race did not budge an inch.
But as he stands at the front, he refuses to budge an inch further.
Rich developed countries have to be dragged kicking and screaming to budge an inch.
However, the dialogue is stillborn as the government is not willing to budge an inch from its position that PM would not resign, come what may.
Neither of the negotiating sides seemed to budge an inch from their long-held positions in Geneva, where the talks revolved around a never-implemented roadmap to peace drawn up by world powers in 2012.
We, as a country which persistently insists on defending its rights, will not budge an inch on our rights as we won't allow an inch of our territory to be encroached upon," he said.