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won't budge an inch

Will not move, change, or shift in any way at all. Once my brother gets his mind made up, he won't budge an inch, so don't bother trying to reason with him. I can't believe how tight this bolt is on here—it won't budge an inch!
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not budge/give/move an ˈinch

refuse to change your position, decision, etc. even a little: We tried to negotiate a lower price but they wouldn’t budge an inch.
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With the likes of Blazej Augustyn, Neil Alexander and Miguel Pallardo out of contract next summer, and Levein telling the club's AGM yesterday "more firepower" would be desirable in the next transfer window, Budge is bracing herself for a busy few weeks.
Budge added: "Things are going well so of course it was jovial.
Meanwhile, Scotland coach Ian McGeechan's plans for the autumn Tests have been thrown into chaos after captain Budge Pountney ruled himself out with a shoulder injury.
It was a marvelous weapon, which Don Budge delivered with perfect form, pace and accuracy.
The Hellerhof housing has been renovated, but the fate of his Budge Old People's Home originally designed in 1929 for a community of both Christians and Jews, used by the American forces since 1945 as a dental clinic and now returned to the city - is still undecided.
Budge said: "The whole family are up from Southampton - along with a lot of my pals.
Canadian baby boomers, and those older, are likely to recall Budge Crawley as the lone filmmaker who provided a significant private voice in the 1950s and 1960s, opposing those heard from the government-funded media agencies, the NFB and CBC.
When, in reality, it was Israel and Washington that refused to budge from their rejectionist stands, forcing an often-times desperate and autocratic Anwar Sadat or Yasser Arafat to literally sue for peace by abandoning already moderate and conciliatory positions.
Company spokesman Rob Budge said: ``Other manufacturers had pulled out of BCG because it is a difficult product to make and that includedECHO Reporter Chiron who said BCG does not fit into their business.
Mr Budge was unable to say when the redundancies will take place.
Even though the trash is usually set at the curb and is in a public area, the container and all of its contents remain the property of the owner, Budge said.
Election Day is less than a week away and we want to mobilize people to cast their vote on November 6," said Hillan Klein, CEO and co-founder, Budge.
Ex-Scotland manager Levein's return to Tynecastle had been long-rumoured as Budge awaited the completion of her PS2.
Budge, who will hand control to the FoH in 2019, added: "Rather than saying, 'It's been a good year because we won the Championship' it has to be sustainable and built on things other than the football.
I am very excited to be joining Business Objects to lead the Asia Pacific, China, and Japan business operations," said Keith Budge.