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bud out

Of a plant, to produce buds (which blossom into leaves or flowers). I'm so relieved to see that flower budding out—I thought I had killed it!
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a budding genius

A young person who exhibits signs of great intelligence. This kid's a budding genius—have you seen the complex equations he can solve?
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bud out

[for a flowering plant or tree] to develop buds. How early in the spring do the trees bud out around here? The trees bud out in early spring.
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budding genius

a very bright and promising young person. Harry is a budding genius, but he seems like a fairly normal teenager.
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The sprouted buds in each treatment were counted 70 days after budding and sprouting percentage of bud was calculated with the following formula:
Five plants in each treatment were selected and the growth of the budding was measured using a measuring tape.
Number of branches was counted on the budding growth in each treatment and average number of branches per plant was worked out.
Number of leaves was counted on the budding growth in each treatment and the average number of leaves per plant was calculated.
The data recorded for the percent bud take success is presented in (figure-I), revealing that budding time had a non-significant impact on percent bud take success.
The data recorded for bud sprouting percentage is presented in figure-II, depicting that budding had non-significant effect on bud sprouting percentage.
Figure-III presents the data recorded for the budding growth, which explains that budding time caused a significant effect on budding growth.
The increase in budding growth is due to presence of greater number of leaves, that elevated the rate of photosynthesis and hence carbohydrate formation increased.
The data recorded for number of branches is presented in figure-IV, shows that budding time had significant effect on the number of branches.
Figure-V presents the data recorded for the number of leaves, revealing that budding time had significant effect on the number of leaves.
June 15th was found to be the best time for budding of the peach on peach rootstocks, as it produced maximum budding growth, number of branches, number of leaves, therefore this date is recommended for budding of peach.
Research on different budding methods in Propagation oftemperate-zone fruit nursery plants grown in subtropical areas.