buck off

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buck someone off

[for a horse or similar animal] to rear up in an attempt to shake off its rider. The horse tried to buck Sharon off, but she held on tight. The horse bucked off its rider.
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Somebody always makes a buck off conflict, just human nature.
The sheer multitude of unscrupulous characters searching for any way to make a quick buck off of the hard work of others makes it nearly impossible to avoid becoming a victim in one way or another.
If they can make a buck off your hard work, well, good for them.
While Ken and Jackie are watching the sun go down tonight with a glass of Cobra in their hand and not a care in the world, sports betting junkies like us will be frantically ringing our bookies and clicking our mouses trying to earn a fast buck off tonight's football action.
And to be fair, Halliburton is not the only corporation making an immodest buck off the war in Iraq.
This could have serious implications for Scottish airports which stand to see trade lost south of the border just because the operators want to make a quick buck off Scottish tourists.
What happens is that the IT manager shrugs his or her shoulders, pretends it's not their fault and manages to pass the buck off into the ether.
The bigger buck was doing the "mean walk," and chased the other buck off.
Not wanting to push the buck off the property, the veteran bowhunter headed back to his dad's house and texted Donny with news of what had transpired.
It has taken us three years to get him to canter without trying to buck off his jockey," said Russell, who shares responsibility for riding this "lovely horse" at home with Jamie Duff.
We hoped to catch the drop-tine buck off guard among the sea of barley that stood before us.
Girls Gone Wild CEO, Joe Francis, said, "This is just one more example of someone trying to make a quick buck off Girls Gone Wild by making false accusations against our company.
Capalbo said her daughter had turned down lucrative offers to make a buck off of the scandal, including posing for nude magazines.
A lot of people would try to take advantage of us to make a quick buck off us.