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by brute strength

By sheer force or physical strength. I couldn't get my car out of the mud until my brothers came along and moved it by brute strength.
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by brute strength

by great muscular strength. The men moved the heavy door by brute strength.
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brute force

Also, brute strength. Savage violence, unreasoning strength, as in We hope that reason will triumph over brute force. Although this expression is also used literally to mean exceptional physical power, the figurative sense reflects the origin for brute, which comes from Latin brutus, for "heavy, stupid, unreasoning." [First half of 1700s]
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et tu, Brute?

(pronounced “Bru-TAY”) An expression of feeling betrayed. Marcus Brutus was one of the conspirators against Julius Caesar, formerly his great friend. Shakespeare's drama has Caesar's dying words the Latin for “and you, Brutus?” meaning “and you too” and uttered with tragic resignation as the Roman emperor recognized Brutus as one of his assassins.
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Sur les 11 mois, la hausse du marche automobile francais est de 5% en donnees brutes, avec 1.
Frankel is a monster, a brute o fahorse regularly pounding lesser opposition intosubmission.
Whentheclassracehorsesometimes gets beaten in an attempt to extend hisbrilliant repertoirehebouncesback better than ever, whereas when the brute is beaten he is crushed, demoralised, battered into submission and never recovers, forcing owners and trainers to shy away from direct confrontationoravarietyofchallenges knowingtheirchargemaybedestroyed mentally .
The one problem with this, you see, is that history does not think kindly of these brutes.
All the Big Brutes are represented which would not be possible on a normal demonstration.
After the War the Brutes returned to Australia with their two sons and settled in Traralgon for most of the 1920s.
Men die every year in the execution of it, and it is ugly as a prison riot when sociopathic brutes such as Mike Tyson are in the ring.
The Brute adapter from Drum Runner features an exclusive grasping mechanism that holds Brutes securely to prevent spillage of contents during lifting, transporting and pouring.
The adapter features an exclusive grasping mechanism that holds Brutes securely to prevent spillage of contents during lifting, transporting and pouring.
Some observers hypothesize that she had been indoctrinated to believe the malicious stereotype of the Ursidae as awkward, clumsy, ill-mannered brutes.
In both cases it's thought a menace to dignity and good morals to inquire too closely into our lineal closeness to the brutes, the main difference being which brutes are in question (for the hardcore feminists, the unwelcome member of the family tree is not so much the outright ape as the macho caveman).
I think the poet depicts homosexual practices as the revolting invention of predatory brutes in order to maintain a reassuring boundary between licit and illicit and to remove from the courtly ideal of erotic artifice any taint of the stigma of effeminacy that usually was associated with heterosexual intercourse indulged in with no intention of procreation, but only for mutual delight" (8).
Every year, four brutes in new suits--and millions of fans--can't wait to find out the winner of college football's Oscar.
Big Brutes cope with swarfs; suds, machine oils, heavy weights and offer easy bottom dump emptying directly into waste skips.
He said that Kashmir had been a disputed territory but Indian wanted to continue her unlawful occupation there through brute force, shamelessly.