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She brushed her nose with her paws, trying to dislodge the fiery darts, thrust it into the snow, and rubbed it against twigs and branches, and all the time leaping about, ahead, sidewise, up and down, in a frenzy of pain and fright.
He told Dorothy he had brushed his shaggy hair and whiskers; but she thought he must have brushed them the wrong way, for they were quite as shaggy as before.
But, passing along a narrow path through a clump of cottonwoods, some object brushed against my legs and I stumbled and nearly fell.
He brushed with care, watching the effect of his smoothing; and another face, slightly pale and more tense than was perhaps desirable, peered back at him from the toilet glass.
Pickwick by the leg, at imminent hazard of throwing him off his balance, brushed away at his boot till his corns were red-hot; while the other shampooed Mr.
said the old gentleman inquiringly, when his guests had been washed, mended, brushed, and brandied.
We were greeted by a giant shag carpet with eyes, as Shmutzig brushed his long white strands against the floor.
The brush head and handle are embedded with microchips, and the handle communicates with the wireless display to signal when the user is brushing too hard, when to move to the next section of the mouth, when the user has brushed for two minutes (the recommended length of time people should brush, according to an Oral-B statement) and when the brush head needs to be replaced.
For this easy side dish, blanched but still-crisp broccoli is brushed with bottled salad dressing and then briefly finished on the grill.