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Fig. rejection; being cast aside and ignored. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) Don't talk to Tom. He'll just give you the brush-off. I went up to her and asked for a date, but I got the brush-off.
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Starr's report outlines how Clinton, 52, gave Lewinsky the brush-off by saying he tried to cut down on women.
NOEL Edmonds made Swap Shop essential viewing for kids in the 70s but the BBC has given him the brush-off in a new series of the show.
Unfortunately, Sterling still has those midcourt owners' seats, which is the kind of negative that would cause somebody like Huggins to give the Clippers the brush-off.
I CAN share with you how heartbreaking it is when the husband you love so much gives you the brush-off, especially if he makes no effort to talk about it.
FISHERMEN last night accused Donald Dewar of giving them the brush-off when they complained about territory being taken over by England.
First he got dumped by Frankie and now Maria's giving him the brush-off.
If you disagree with your manager on this type of issue, you can increase the likelihood of a discussion rather than a brush-off by starting with a question rather than an answer.
Baywatch beauty Donna D'Errico has a cheeky brush-off for randy guys who shout and wolf-whistle at her as she's walking down the street .
But she was given the brush-off when she called the White House to chat with the prez.
Gwyneth, 30, famously gave Col the brush-off at LA's Ivy restaurant.