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brush by (someone or something)

To quickly pass by and lightly touch someone or something. The man brushed by us so that he could board the bus. Be sure not to brush by this wall while the paint is still drying.
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brush by someone or something

 and brush past someone or something
to push quickly past someone or something. She brushed by the little group of people standing there talking. I brushed by the plant, knocking it over.
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Turn your feet in with your big toes pointed so they brush past each other.
By the time he was able to angle Sandy Lady out of the pocket and brush past Clann A Cougar on his left, Digital, ridden for Mick Channon by Chris Catlin, had gone beyond recall.
A Billy Dodds hat-trick helped his side brush past the part-timers from the second division, with Shota Arveladze netting a brace before the break and Andrei Kanchelskis firing in the other.
Who, in their right mind, would take all the abuse shoppers toss off while they brush past you: ``You're wasting my time,'' ``You people should all be (fill in the blank).
By performing a series of chemical reactions, the researchers can cause one of the blades to brush past the ratchet, turning the fan 120 [degrees] .
I felt something brush past and then I saw it moving in the water.
But each time they were pegged back McManaman first and then Paul Ince before, with time running out, hero Vega became the villain when he allowed Michael Owen to brush past him and shoot against the post, leaving McManaman the simple task of tapping home the rebound.
You might brush past it, but if you know its species' precious past and precarious future, you'll stop to admire, this sprout this uncertain heir to a dubious dynasty.
As he walked towards Tynewydd Road, he felt a man brush past him.
If you brush past a flowering plant and find rust-coloured dust on your outfit, resist the temptation to rub it as this will cause stains.
But in his native Glasgow, he's just another anonymous punter you'd brush past.
She said: "I felt something brush past me and thought crikey - what was that
In a way this is not such a bad thing, as it makes people more aware of my condition and they may not think I am drunk and brush past me at pace.
It was 3 in the morning and lying down wide awake I watched a man dressed in blue overalls brush past my feet.
Forecasters said Floyd would brush past the Bahamas overnight and could hit land in the next couple of days between central Florida and South Carolina.