brush off

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brush someone off

1. Lit. to remove something, such as dust or lint, from someone by brushing. The bathroom attendant brushed Mr. Harris off and was rewarded with a small tip. The porter had never brushed off such a miserly man before.
2. Fig. to reject someone; to dismiss someone. (As if someone were mere lint.) He brushed her off, telling her she had no appointment. He brushed off Mrs. Franklin, who was only trying to be nice to him.
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brush something off someone or something

 and brush something off
to remove something from someone or something by brushing. I brushed a little lint off her collar. I brushed off the lint that was on her collar.
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brush off somebody/something

also brush somebody/something off
to not accept someone or something as being important When she told me my project would be a better television film than a feature film, I thought she was brushing me off. But the prime minister brushed off that criticism, saying it was just talk.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of brush something off (to remove something from a surface by moving your hand quickly over it)
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brush off

Dismiss or rebuff, as in Roberta brushed off the poor reviews with a shrug, or You can't brush off a boyfriend and expect him to do you a favor. This expression, transferring sweeping off crumbs to a curt dismissal, was first recorded about 1820. However, it became common usage only in the 1930s. Also see give someone the air (brush off).
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brush off

1. To remove something from a surface by brushing: Brush off those crumbs from the breakfast table! There's some dust on the desk, but I'll just brush it off.
2. To clean or clear some surface by brushing it: Would you please brush off the picnic table?
3. To dismiss someone or something rudely: The store owner rudely brushed off the customer who wanted a refund. I'm mad that you brushed me off when I tried to make a helpful suggestion.
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Brush off the meat and throw a little Cheez Whiz on top of that stain
He went on to brush off fears of a housing slump, insisting that the economy was in its best shape for 30 years.
Meanwhile, many shoppers brush off the warning and buy snacks with olestra.
PETE SAMPRAS may have brushed aside his first-round opponent but he has some way to go to brush off his 'boring' tag.
But he gets the brush off when her parents decide the attachment between child and feathered friend is too strong.
A forensic anthropologist from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office carefully unearthed the body Monday afternoon from sandy soil behind dense brush off Lopez Canyon Road, about 1-1/2 miles north of Paxton Street.
Harris initially tried to brush off the importance of being named the Western Conference coach for the All-Star Game, but then quickly began reciting reasons why the Lakers have had a tougher schedule than the Sonics.
Massimino has chosen a low-risk environment to brush off the ashes and rise again.
Most job seekers, however, spend so much time creating their resumes that they tend to brush off the cover letter as inconsequential.
DiMarco has played travel softball during the past two volleyball seasons, but has decided that this year's Palmdale High team is too good to brush off.
The inmates burned about 40 acres of brush off San Francisquito Canyon Road before winds increased to 15 mph and temperatures climbed into the 80s.