brush down

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brush something down

to clean and groom fur or fabric by brushing. Why don't you brush your coat down? It's very linty. I brushed down my trousers, and they looked much better.
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Soak in bath oil - a baby oil one is fine or try Boots Fresh Dream Of Tahiti Bath Oil, pounds 5 - and give your body a good brush down while you're at it.
Brush down the walls with a stiff brush to get rid of any flaky bits.
What these paintings do reveal is that Pousette-Dart didn't know when to put the brush down, but rather worked and reworked his effects to the detriment of his compositions, which are confused, spiritless, and murky.
Now it was simply a matter of pushing the brush down until I ran out of pipe, then pulling it up again.
Brush down your barbecue, put in your order for lager and Chardonnay and prepare to relax in the sun and sweat a lot at work.
Again softly run the brush down the contours of the hill letting the colours merge and mingle.
Remove any excess putty with the knife, then brush down with a dry brush.
I threw the brush down and began swilling water around my mouth.
Every time you change your linen, brush down your mattress, do not vacuum it, and also use a protector.
Brush down sugar crystals on sides of pot with a wet pastry brush as syrup thickens.
Run a damp brush down the crack'this will help the filler to bond to the wall and clear the crack of any dust
We initially decided to get goats because we knew they would eat what the sheep didn't and help keep brush down around the edges.
Just call me Winston'' says Zak -he doesn't look like he's Havana good time as he gets a brush down from owner Neville Dunn, of Mold.
Mr Owens said, ``His first job in the pub as a youngster was to give Boris a wash and a brush down.