brush away

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brush something away (from something)

to remove something from something by brushing; to get dirt or crumbs off something by brushing. He brushed a bit of lint away from Tom's collar. She brushed away the crumbs from the table.
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Take a stiff garden broom and brush away the dust and dirt.
I recommend Crest Vivid White Night because its micro-cleansing whiteners attract to teeth like a magnet, coating them for hours to loosen surface stains, so they are easier to brush away in the morning.
SUBWAY' stores have teamed up with the Daily Record to give you some great value, "mood lifting" offers to help brush away those January blues.
And where better to brush away those cobwebs than in the traffic-free resort of Saas Fee in Switzerland.
Get a clean 1in painting brush, close the blind and brush away the dust on both sides.
The fast-acting formula contains natural abrasives and whitening agents to brush away discolouration and deal with nasty ridges instantly.
I was trying to brush away the dirt to see what we had,'' said Lindsey, of Camarillo.
In the wake of the online reports that Efron had picked out a ring to ask for Hudgens' hand, a rep for the young heartthrob has spoken out to brush away the gossips.
BRUSH away the winter blues with Leah Bell at the Phoenix Theatre in Blyth this month.
Spokeswoman Jennie O'Reilly said the CD, aimed at 14 to 18-year-olds explains how photographers enhance looks of models, eliminate blemishes and brush away lumps and bumps.
Once you are happy that all joints are filled, brush away any excess mortar, making sure that none is left on slabs.
FOR adults, the brush comes in seven colours, and has a replaceable head, so you don't have to throw the whole brush away - just simply replace the head.
Firefighters say keeping brush away from homes and other buildings gives them a better chance of saving a home from an approaching fire while giving them enough ``defensible space'' to fight the fire.
IT would be comforting to be able to brush away threats from terrorist groups.
Again using a bolster chisel, scrape out the old mortar and debris from the cavity and then brush away any excess dust.