brush aside

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brush someone or something aside

1. Lit. to push or shove someone or something out of the way. Don't just brush me aside. I almost fell over. I brushed aside the branch, not realizing it was poison ivy.
2. Fig. to cast someone or something away; to rid oneself of someone or something; to ignore or dismiss someone or something. You must not brush this matter aside. The clerk brushed aside the old man and moved on to the next person in line.
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brush aside somebody/something

also brush somebody/something aside
to not give someone or something serious consideration I saw this happen, and you can't just call me crazy and brush me aside. Her friends worried that she might be arrested, but Nancy confidently brushed aside their concerns.
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brush aside

Disregard, ignore, as in The teacher brushed aside our questions.
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brush aside

1. To push or wave something or someone out of the way: I brushed aside the clutter and put my books on the desk. The police brushed the people aside to make way for the president.
2. To refuse to listen to someone or something; ignore someone or something: I continued to complain, but they brushed aside my protests. Whenever people try to bother me at a party, I just brush them aside.
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Sometimes fecklessly, we brush aside the fact that for many children the lunch that our taxes provide for them in their schools is the only real meal they get.
They brush aside realities, remarking, as Thomas Sowell chides, ``If only the right people were running it, then their theories would surely work.
That the Clinton administration would try to brush aside criticism from Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole is not surprising.
Investors appeared to brush aside the numbers, scooping up shares on weakness with gusto, sending the equities market up sharply.