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bear the brunt (of something)

to withstand the worst part or the strongest part of something, such as an attack. I had to bear the brunt of her screaming and yelling. Why don't you talk with her the next time she complains? I'm tired of bearing the brunt of her objections.
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bear the brunt of something

to get the greater amount or larger part of something bad Ordinary citizens will bear the brunt of higher taxes. The oldest parts of the town bore the brunt of the missile attacks.
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bear/take the brunt of something

to receive the worst part of something unpleasant or harmful, such as an attack The oldest parts of the town bore the brunt of the missile attacks.
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bear the brunt

Put up with the worst of some bad circumstance, as in It was the secretary who had to bear the brunt of the doctor's anger. This idiom uses brunt in the sense of "the main force of an enemy's attack," which was sustained by the front lines of the defenders. [Second half of 1700s]
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Van Brunt commented, "I am excited to step into this role.
Brunt has seen Northern Ireland pal Evans (below) settle smoothly into the Baggies back four after a PS6million transfer deadline day move from Old Trafford.
Bowling for the first time in the match down the Nackington Road slope, Brunt struck with her fifth ball to send back Elyse Villani for a duck with an off-cutter which slid past the right-hander's back-foot defensive push to poleaxe off stump.
It will be a tough game - they are no mugs," said Brunt who knows from painful experience how difficult a trip to the Faroes can be.
Leicester Coroner Catherine Mason also heard that Mrs Leyland, who had a long history of depression, spoke of "ending it all" in a telephone conversation with Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt.
WEST Brom captain Chris Brunt has signed a new three-year contract with the Barclays Premier League club.
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly shared a very Valentine's Day-appropriate piece of news on Thursday: she and her husband Douglas Brunt are expecting a third child.
CHRIS BRUNT is the latest West Brom player to buy into new boss Steve Clarke's master plan.
HOLIDAY FUN: Lexie Young, Evie Young, Zachary Blower, Elsa Evans, Joseph Brunt, Thomas Brunt and Charley Blower HUNT IS ON: Lexie Young, Evie Young and Elsa Evans PARKLIFE: Zachery Blower, Joseph Brunt, Thomas Brunt, Charley Blower
RYAN BRUNT says he is relishing his ride on the fast learning curve of the strikers' art at Tranmere.
Chris Brunt is hoping Zoltan Gera can replicate the form that made him an instant hero in his first spell at The Hawthorns.
Van Brunt was more than just a model, though; he played a significant role in the creation of this painting, which traces its origin to an ocean voyage four months earlier.
Kelly Brunt, a cryosphere specialist at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.
Leighton Brunt joins as an accountant, while Caroline Wong has been recruited as business manager.