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Lastly, in memory of the fawning media celebrations of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, the Brown Nose Award goes to the entire Dimbleby family.
There were dozens of EastEnders and showbiz stars who sat and hoped they'd be asked to brown nose darling Babs, or just sat and laughed politely.
Shamelessly hurling compliments in the direction of Minority Report's creators, he made a pathetic attempt to brown nose his way to a new movie role.
Maybe next year you should stick to your Brown Nose day with the junior Royals.
Celebrity guest Lily Savage qualified for a Brown Nose Award by recalling the time Gaby appeared with her as a stripper.
So don't insult the best fans in the country because Pardew didn't kneel before you like most of the other Premiership brown noses.
Oscar and Timothy wiggled their little brown noses.
Perhaps it was product-tasting day at Cadbury but there were cohorts of suspiciously brown noses from the local management.
His targets on this occasion were blacks, Asians, persons whom he referred to as brown noses and surprisingly persons who were then referred to as "spastic".
It is just after feeding time and two calves are contentedly drinking water from a trough in their non-descript pen, a few stray pieces of hay stuck to their wet, brown noses.