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browbeat (one) into (something)

To thoroughly and continually dominate, intimidate, or bully someone into doing something. I'm tired of seeing him browbeat her into agreeing with him.
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browbeat someone into something

Fig. to bully or intimidate someone into something. It won't do any good to try to browbeat me into it. I was browbeaten into doing it once. I refuse to do it again.
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What the Bush Administration can't win by bullying and browbeating editors, it hopes to win by invoking doctrines that belong more to authoritarian governments than to ours.
With Willis browbeating the amateur thespians of a theater troupe based in his own private Idaho home, no one wins in the standoff, really.
At best, it may engender the grudging consent of someone weary from an hours-long browbeating.
So instead of persuading or even browbeating members to see the future through his eyes, the soon-to-retire Tory leader is to sideline them.
Whether browbeating car-lot underlings, oafishly practicing ballet with his teasing mom (Lynette Bennett) or seducing and abandoning females as diverse as his teen-age stepsister and a widowed Salvation Army officer, Warburton lets no shame slip past his mask of deadpan earnest, yet is somehow convincing when he cries, too.
The browbeating came on the heels of another shakeup.
Tuesday's browbeating came on the heels of the Dodgers' making a minor trade to acquire Craig Counsell and manager Davey Johnson announcing Todd Hundley was being benched and Darren Dreifort sent to the bullpen.
Reaching for explanations of why Iraq had lost its attempt to head off further sanctions, Sahaf accused Washington of browbeating the Security Council and creating a ``hysterical atmosphere'' at the United Nations.
Since inheriting parts of a few Australian newspapers in 1953, Murdoch has become the world's foremost deal-maker, building his empire through a combination of heart-stopping acquisitions and browbeating micromanagement.
I liked the character humor of it, too; if you're going to have a political movie, putting the politics forward through humor is a better way of of not browbeating your audience.
Mumbling, browbeating, whining and cajoling in turn, Teach is a catalog of Hoffman's specialties, yet the actor's technique never overwhelms the shaky-souled, grease-haired truth of an expert criminal who possesses no expertise.
In April, after years of research and browbeating by alarmed public health specialists, the Mexican government devised the first glaze for artisan pottery that contains no lead.
Under the New Deal, however, with the aid of an acquiescent Supreme Court subjected to the incessant browbeating of FDR, the shackles constricting the scope of the federal government were thrown off.