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I certainly think I brought a political point of view.
Within 44 days of the terrorist attacks, Ed Fallon had brought One Liberty Plaza, which had suffered hundreds of broken windows after being pelted with Trade Center debris, back on line, serving as a beacon to New York that our City would not be defeated.
Similar cases have also been brought in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.
The most important thing members can remember is that if a claim is brought against them they should report it to Bertholon-Rowland, ADAA endorsed broker, and leave it up to the insurance company for their employer and for this ADAA policy to work it out among themselves to provide the broadest coverage.
A prisoner brought a [section] 1983 action and the district court dismissed the claim.
He told David that he w as brought up being taught that names were important and that he could not figure out why David, who was named after the one who had slain the giant, would go and try and kill himself.
UConn was brought on board to create a program to meet the academic expectations of the classroom teachers and administrators.
Newman: "At one point we actually brought in about 50 two-by-fours and started building porches.
The second foot is brought immediately to the floor, toes first, and makes a clean, precise fifth position plie with heels forward and the weight on the balls of the feet.
I brought you here and you have to do what I tell you.
The personal representative of a federal prisoner who was killed by his cellmate brought Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) and Bivens actions against the government and corrections officials.
One such dish, le stockfish originated in the late 1400s with the arrival of seafaring traders from Norway who brought with them salted, dried cod.
District Court for Delaware concerning a declaratory judgment action brought by AngioDynamics against Diomed, Inc.
Virginia Madsen of ``Sideways,'' brought her mom, Elaine, an Emmy-winning writer and producer.