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brood over

To worry anxiously or be despondent about something or someone, especially at great length and in isolation. I know you're upset about failing your exam, but don't brood over it all weekend. Tom's been brooding over our financial situation ever since he got laid off last month.
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brood about (someone or something)

To worry, fret, or obsess over someone or something. Quit brooding about that fight you had with your girlfriend and just talk to her already! Recent financial losses have the boss brooding about the future of our small company.
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brood about someone or something

 and brood on someone or something; brood over someone or something
to fret or be depressed about someone or something. Please don't brood about Albert. He is no good for you. There's no need to brood on Jeff. He can take care of himself.
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It is broodingly dark -- one of the darkest beers to have crossed my palate.
Broodingly sexual in a way that is most often associated with the warrior's violent lifestyle, Fishburne's Othello is most evocative of a cultural figuration of the American black male in the 1990s.
But what Zomosa did have was an intensely male stage presence; he was tall and muscular with a craggy face that was broodingly, distinctively handsome.
There also have been less resolute and more broodingly meditative facets of Starzl that we discerned-intimations of his inner closeness to questions about the human condition, conveyed through some of the beautifully crafted, evocative phrases in even his most technical writing, and what seemed to us to be a shy, awkward, rather haunted spiritual self that he kept hidden from public view.
The poet Longfellow that commanded most public attention in his time--and the one who tends to live in public memory in ours--is not the most resonant, not the Longfellow of "Nature" or of the broodingly beautiful "The Jewish Cemetery at Newport" (1858), say, or of the unromanticized, dignified Civil War poem "Killed at the Ford" (1867).
Opens Friday THE STARS Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder THE VERDICT This broodingly dark film tells the real-life story of family man and stone cold contract killer Richard Kuklinski, impressively played by Shannon.
From the broodingly anguished first movement (so like Shostakovich) and blisteringly exciting, demonic Dies irae scherzo, to a finale in which all tensions were released in its consolatory fulfilment, this was a fully formed and terrifically well executed reading.
Jean Rochefort exudes a quiet dignity as the bookish Manesquier, but it's Gallic pop star Johnny Halliday as the bad boy whose lifestyle he secretly covets who broodingly steals the show.
As drama, this broodingly intense, fierce and visually dazzling yarn of a young man seeking revenge for his pappy's death is neither original nor even particularly coherent, but helmer Fernando Spiner brilliantly makes his point about the violence that underpins both Argentinean and American popular culture.
The Things I've Seen Today side-steps her accustomed sepia-jazz delivery, sounding more akin to a female Chris Isaak alternative, full of broodingly spacious guitar twang.
Trim, dark and broodingly handsome, it's not just his looks that betray his Spanish roots.
Reactions to the eponymous anti-hero, whom the narrator repeatedly insists is nothing but a sadistic, thuggishly self-absorbed brute, indicate how thoroughly he was imbued by Moore's readers with the glamour of Gothic villainy; Byron's appropriation of Zeluco as an avatar of the broodingly Romantic Byronic hero makes that clear enough.
Hermitage Castle, a place of siege and counter siege, a witness to countless acts of barbarism, watched broodingly over the bloody events of the border valleys.
Seemingly self-sufficient amid the benevolent wild, he nevertheless gazes broodingly out of the frame: possibly pondering the sublime, but probably listening for the unseen creature the trap awaits.