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You will remark that everyone seems to have noticed this detail about the broken sword blade, though most people regard it somewhat more reverently than did the late Colonel Clancy.
On all these tombs and things it's shown broken at the point.
The discredited family doctor was threatening those extraordinary exposures that afterwards began and were broken off; tales of monstrous and prehistoric things in Park Lane; things done by an English Evangelist that smelt like human sacrifice and hordes of slaves.
He looked coolly at his weapon to wipe off the blood; he saw the point he had planted between his victim's shoulders had broken off in the body.
It showed dimly the crude shape of a sabre hilt and a shortened blade; and was inscribed in false archaic lettering, "The Sign of the Broken Sword.
Clare, the silver head bowed, the silver sword broken.
I don't know just what Ozma will do to you, because this is the first time one of us has broken a Law; but you may be sure she will be just and merciful.
Then, by letting the unclamped end go, much as if releasing a catapult, they duplicated what would happen if a hypothetical strand had broken and its still-clamped portion were then free to unbend.
His new book, Illusion of Order: The False Promise of Broken Windows Policing (Harvard University Press), offers a stinging indictment of New York-style law enforcement.
Chemical hair straightening works basically the same way, except the hair is held straight after the sulfur bonds are broken so that new sulfur bonds form in the straight shape.
The same applies to the casting, which as the sand lumps are broken down, comes into contact with the deck and is cleared of cores and adhering sand.
During the Eocene epoch, a long rift cleaved the plate and cut off its northern section, which held the Broken Ridge part of the plateau.