break loose from (something)

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break loose from (something)

To physically separate from something. This phrase can be applied to both people and things. I had to chase my dog down the street after he broke loose from the leash during our walk. Those bricks in the yard must have broken loose from the chimney.
See also: break, loose

break something loose from something

to loosen a part of something; to loosen and remove a part of something. The mechanic broke the strap loose from the tailpipe. The bracket was broken loose from the wall.
See also: break, loose

break/cut/tear (something) ˈloose from somebody/something

separate yourself or somebody/something from a group of people or their influence, etc: The organization broke loose from its sponsors.He cut himself loose from his family.
References in classic literature ?
The Ass, seeing this, broke loose from his halter and commenced prancing about in imitation of the Lapdog.
Prasad was sipping tea seated on the dais when the fan broke loose from the ceiling and fell down, touching his hands.
Back came Shorts and after King missed two chances, one a great save by Gerard Murphy, they pulled level when Craig McCormick reacted first after the ball broke loose from a free-kick in injury time.
Sylvia Norburn, aged 61, of Monkswood Crescent, Henley Green, Coventry, was taken to Walsgrave Hospital after being hit by a trailer which broke loose from a van and pinned her to the fence of Moat House Primary School in Wood End.
In Toledo, Ohio, less than a decade ago a steel coil broke loose from the flatbed trailer that was hauling it, killing a trailing motorist.
Three holes in, Tiger Woods broke loose from a third-round tie with Retief Goosen and had a three-stroke lead.
A large bank of lights broke loose from its mooring and crashed down narrowly missing the heads of the interviewees.
Despite the sensational claims of its advertising, Lorillard's Micronite filter only made the problem worse: Tiny, shard-like asbestos fibers broke loose from the filter and were sucked into Kent smokers' lungs carrying particles of tars and nicotine.
In the most critical qualifying race of his campaign, a screw broke loose from Schlopy's ski, making him unable to turn.
The four - near the end of their night shift - died when the wagon loaded with rails broke loose from a train and careered down a four-mile slope at 45mph.
The Rick Majerus Magical Media Tour, already bounding along like a keg of decaf Snapple that just broke loose from the back of an 18-wheeler along Highway 15, should gain unrelentless momentum by the time he parks his rented U-Haul full of Utah bandwagoners in the ``reserved for Lute Olson'' spot outside the Alamo later this week.