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Overbroad: This term is used by the courts to illustrate the broadness of policies that regulate or prohibit protected and unprotected speech (McMurtrie, 2003).
With the idea in mind that "conciseness is more compatible with memory and broadness is more compatible with understanding, lifelong systems analyst Anthony (programming at 8, pro at 12) writes for those who want to know and work with software objects in the most effective ways.
While I agree that the discourse of madness can be "read" in many types of cultural markers--such as medical, dramatic, and visual texts--a certain broadness of analysis is necessary.
EVEN BEFORE KATRINA, the federal plan to standardize emergency response was raising concerns among state and local emergency responders who worry about the broadness of the mandates and coordination with federal groups.
He told me that he had studied accounting, but the conversation that day quickly evidenced a broadness and a depth of knowledge that convinced me he was not a Johnny-one-note.
The broadness of disciplinary approaches is both a strength and weakness of the work.
The fair is being presented as 'what is effectively the largest and most comprehensive photographic exhibition of the year', and Newburg is keen to emphasise its accessibility and broadness of scope; serious collectors, dealers and art lovers alike will be encouraged to mingle and enjoy what will be the largest survey of photography ever displayed in the UK.
Mulligan says she fully expects companies to contest the broadness of the definition of "traditional lands.
Consequently, the rating agencies will evaluate the contingent nature of the reinsurance coverage, as well as the broadness of coverage and potential economic risk transfer under the terms and conditions of the reinsurance contract.
Though there was something a little shameless in Nitsch's open theatricality--the brash, singular colors mashed on the walls, the religious paraphernalia, the clamoring sound track and props--there was also a kind of honesty and clarity of purpose at work, a true showman's broadness of expression.
Middle-age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change place.
Poteat exemplifies the broadness of Baptist life even in the conservative South.
This is one of the most frequently asked questions in job interviews and its daunting broadness can cause many people to either give an irrelevant autobiographical account or be stunned into silence.
The broadness of the peaks obtained from the Ni reference specimen compare well to the broadness of the peaks obtained from our Al reference specimen, which shows slightly less broadening than the SRM660 La[B.
For me, one of the main appeals of horseracing is the broadness of its church.