broaden horizons

broaden/widen somebody's horizons

to increase the range of things that someone knows about, has experienced, or is able to do This trip to the Far East has certainly broadened our family's horizons.
See also: broaden, horizon
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The training programme will have three strands in its curriculum: research skills; professional and career development skills; and opportunities to broaden horizons.
And teachers hope they will have helped to raise aspirations, broaden horizons and take away some of the nerves from when the children step out into the real world of work.
Aspiring footballers from Under 9 to Under 11s were put through their paces by the boxing superstars and also played futsal and basketball as the club looked to broaden horizons and improve physical literacy.
Our aim is to help develop confidence, raise aspirations and broaden horizons for children through engaging them in fun, inspirational activities beyond the classroom.
Perfect World CEO Xiao Hong said during an interview that the initiative not only provides both countries with an opportunity to learn from each other and mutually broaden horizons, but also prepares for talent reserves in the future.
It would have been a chance to see a different part of the world and broaden horizons.
Organised by the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services to provide children with physical challenges an opportunity to forge new friendships, broaden horizons and develop greater confidence levels.
Reviewing the scholarly work of others is often a task to he dreaded, but in my case, it is an opportunity to broaden horizons.
David explained how in other less fortunate and often wartorn parts of the world shipping containers are converted into makeshift libraries to enable children to gain access to a handful of books to help broaden horizons and quench thirsts for knowledge.
Travelling on a holiday can broaden horizons and give life a new perspective.
William told guests at a gala dinner of his desire to "raise aspirations, broaden horizons and encourage young people to achieve.
He recommends pursuing opportunities that broaden horizons because they influence what activities a person will participate in.
Impulses from abroad stimulate new thinking and broaden horizons.
I'm convinced reading helps make us more empathetic and offers the chance to broaden horizons and access experiences, feelings, places we might not otherwise be able to" she told Gulf News.
In Indianapolis, before the National FFA Convention, he delivered a message on the power of education to lift the human spirit, to broaden horizons, and to bridge differences.