broad strokes

broad (brush) strokes

if you describe a situation with broad strokes, you describe it in a very general way without giving any details The novel's historical background is filled in with broad brush strokes. In a few broad strokes he summed up his beliefs.
See also: broad, stroke
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Of course, it might not have happened like that on another night in another village, but how refreshing to find that the broad strokes with which we tar the youth of today sometimes cover the ordinary polite young teens as well as the louts.
YOU know just what you are getting with a Northern Broadsides production, although it might be even clearer if renamed Northern Broad Strokes.
It's an archetypal melodrama, painted in broad strokes and given a plain staging in the RSC's one-off visit to the Civic Hall.
Happy to leave the baseball-information part of the PR effort to public-relations director Josh Rawitch, Johnston paints broad strokes as the Dodgers try to improve their image after some tumultuous years.
In broad strokes, so as not to betray anyone's privacy, the CPA is being sued, and the California Board of Accountancy has started license revocation proceedings.
Where Coontz's history gives a picture of marriage painted in broad strokes, Promises I Can Keep is a close-up, lapidary study of unmarried low-income mothers in eight of Philadelphia's poorest neighborhoods, culled from interviews with 162 such women over the course of five years.
Danny McNamara's songs may not be big on blistering wit, icy disdain or cocky cool, but they fulfil the big, broad strokes criterion.
In broad strokes, all the measures of labor underutilization declined, led by the unemployment rate's continued downtrend to 5.
Bill Harvey was behind the ribbon move, and it will not be the last time he casts broad strokes on UVA's canvas--or other leaders do so elsewhere.
Again, all are constructed from rectangular wooden panels covered with layers of acrylic, though here Gilliam applies color in broad strokes and diaphanous wisps.
He paints in broad strokes, uses a group as an entity, and creates visually stunning pieces that challenge our perception of movement.
But they should be careful not to use such broad strokes that they're seen as attacking religion in general.
It has been refreshing to see that spirit in evidence at the Providence Summit on Addiction, which has served as a meeting ground for drawing up the broad strokes of the campaign McDaid discusses in her article.
On another level, McBee writes of immigrants in rather broad strokes.
Whether the problem stems from the book reviewed or the author's broad strokes, there are errors relating to history.