broad strokes

broad (brush) strokes

Vague or non-specific terms. I don't need every detail of the event—just tell me about it in broad brush strokes. Describe your idea in broad strokes, just so I can get a sense of it.
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broad strokes


broad brushstrokes

If you describe or show something in broad strokes or in broad brushstrokes, you describe or show only the main or general points or features of it and not the fine or exact details. The speech will lay out in broad strokes the two candidates' differing approaches towards how best to stimulate the economy. There's very little subtlety in the play. Its characters are painted in broad brushstrokes. Note: The image here is of an artist painting a picture roughly or quickly.
See also: broad, stroke
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Battle sequences are staged with pyrotechnicladen fury but solid performances aren't entirely lost in the barrage, even though characters are sketched in broad strokes.
It is important to note that the framework proposal is just that--a skeletal outline addressing the broad strokes of what tax reform could look like.
The President's State of the Nation Address will be rendered in broad strokes reviewing past achievements, stating the present situation and announcing future prospects,' Abella said in statement.
Chapters discuss the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac for each birthday year, month, and hour, as well as the personality traits common to each sign, how compatible signs are with one another, and the broad strokes of fortune (or misfortune) that those born under one sign may experience in everyday life during the year of another sign.
For readers steeped in the research, her answers will not be new, she says, and for readers seeking an introduction, she devotes her first chapter to painting in very broad strokes the changes in scholarly hypotheses about James the text and James the author from Martin Dibelius to the present.
Both were gracious, shaking hands and describing in broad strokes a 90-minute sit-down that included both technical elements of the transition and conversations about policy.
Cooper's world is an exaggerated one - pun packed and drawn in broad strokes, and there are moments where some questionable humour strikes a jarring note.
The maps used in this chart are sources from Wikipedia pages of the respective conflicts, and show in broad strokes how control has shifted over the last year .
Few people on earth can draw out the similarities and differences as well as Barry Eichengreen, who paints with equal facility in broad strokes and in fascinating detail.
The plan will be announced in broad strokes in the upcoming weeks," ybrahim Kalyn, the spokesperson for the presidency, told the press.
As one might expect from the professoriate these days, the report contains no broad strokes of moral clarity and condemnation, which, to the chorus of Salaita's supporters, itself qualifies as some sort of victory.
Humiliation, profiling and marginalization, along with legal disparities, must be discussed from historical and contemporary perspectives that do not allow people to be painted in broad strokes.
An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris - I admire how Harris's broad strokes bring the lesser-known history to wider readership.
The book proceeds from broad strokes to details, starting with planet formation and orbit determinants and proceeding through gross geological phenomena such as magnetic alignment, topography, and tectonics to the fine modulation of surface character through atmospheric and oceanic movement.
Pitched somewhere between salacious 50s sci-fi , Russ Meyer films and even the broad strokes of 80s Doctor Who, director Andy Arnold delivered plenty of laughs, peppered with the odd poignant moment, usually via the sweet Princess Yasmin (Fiona Wood), whose love story with the hapless Jaxxon gives the story its heart.