broad church

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broad church

1. A label referring to a group of 17th-century English theologians who adhered to some practices of the Church of England but disregarded other elements of the Church, such as doctrine and liturgical practice. Primarily heard in UK. The broad church movement in 17th-century England may have helped shape the more liberal views and practices of modern-day Christianity.
2. A group or organization composed of various types of people with differing views, opinions, or philosophies. Primarily heard in UK. The Independent Party is a broad church as its members hold wildly differing opinions on how to best solve the problems facing society today.
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a broad church

You call an organization, group, or area of activity a broad church when it includes a wide range of opinions, beliefs, or styles. The movement is presently a very broad church, comprising, amongst others, trade unions, the church and the business community. Rock music in France is a very broad church indeed.
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a broad ˈchurch

(British English) an organization that accepts a wide range of opinions
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Cleverly, he speaks to a broad church of audience members.
Chalmers visited the church before the split and told the congregation: "We are a broad church and would encourage people to remain with us.
Byline: James Milton assesses the broad church of Channel 4 Racing's Grand National coverage
The Society benefits from being a broad church with many different interest groups and this process enables everyone to have a voice.
A Labour member, Ms Banner may not subscribe to the party consensus on devolution, but it's a broad church and there are plenty of Labour AMs who lack her intellectual rigour and eloquence.
The Church of England, we are told, is a broad church and there's probably no better place in England to see just how wide it could be.
Jones's "biography" of the Broad Church movement is a thoroughgoing examination of the ecclesial, social, and even familial relationships of a series of Anglicans who each contributed to the formation of an ideal Christian humanism in England: "It is my contention that something of the spirit of Erasmus was sewn into the very fabric of Anglicanism, a spirit that was never more evident in the Church of England as it was in the Broad Church movement of the nineteenth century" (5).
Ours is a broad church regarding membership of political parties and it is one of the issues we will be discussing with Dr Paisley.
Plaid Cymru would have a new Welsh nationalist leader, improving its political position, running the Welsh Government, only after realising its DET ( Dafydd Elis Thomas) National Left moment in time, was a huge mistake, confirmed by this individual's actions, undermining the nationalist broad church political brand for over 30 years.
He fully deserves his reputation not only as a writer and arranger of some truly great songs but as an outstanding guitarist whose ability to switch styles from song to song demonstrated a breadth of techniques spanning the broad church that modern folk music has become.
Corbyn must, in turn, acknowledge the party is a broad church and embrace Labour critics as well as friends if he is to have any chance of forging a united team.
Corbyn admitted he has his work cut out but added: "Labour are a broad church and we're hearing lots of interesting views and opinions.
In the broad church of gambling, I'm something of a fundamentalist.
The Coventry Conversations tries to reflect that broad church and I think we usually succeed.