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bros before hoes

slang A reminder, said by a male to his male friend(s), asserting that their friendship should be more important than relationships or interactions with females. Come on, man, don't ditch us for that girl you just met! Bros before hoes, bro!
See also: before, bro, hoe

nah, bro

slang A phrase used to reject an idea or suggestion. You want me to go into the cricket-infested basement by myself? Nah, bro! Nah, bro, I'm not going out tonight.
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Unlike many such large shredders, the unit at Shine Bros.
An outsider's view of Iowa usually begins with agriculture, and the northwestern corners of the state where Shine Bros.
The farms and agri-businesses of western Iowa yield obsolete farm equipment and bulk storage silos and cribs that provide scrap for Shine Bros.
Additionally, though, the region is home to a number of manufacturing plants, according to Shine Bros.
When Sutter Middle School received permission from Warner Bros.
With so many requests coming in every year to use Warner Bros.
That being said," Tsujihara continued, "I want to personally thank Jason for sharing his vision in this business and literally putting Warner Bros.
In this role, he'll serve as executive producer of key WBIE videogame titles and will continue to shepherd pre-existing and new HDFilms' projects in development for Warner Bros.
WBIE's current production slate features games of every genre, drawing on both original and existing properties, including "300: March To Glory" (to be released simultaneously with Warner Bros.
which includes an agreement for licensing and distribution of games based on select Warner Bros.
Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has licensed the rights for selected intellectual properties to SCi.