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bristle at (something)

To show sudden displeasure or anger at some provocation. I bristled at the suggestion that I trade offices with someone else in the department. He bristled at our criticism of his novel and stormed out of the room.
See also: bristle

bristle with rage

To show sudden anger. I bristled with rage when I saw that someone had hit my car overnight.
See also: bristle, rage

bristle at something

Fig. to show sudden anger or other negative response to something. (Alludes to a dog or cat raising the hair on its back in anger or as a threat.) She bristled at the suggestion. I knew Lily would bristle at the appearance of Max.
See also: bristle

bristle with rage

 and bristle with anger; bristle with indignation
Fig. to demonstrate one's anger, rage, or displeasure with a strong negative response. (Alludes to a dog or cat raising the hair on its back in anger or as a threat.) She was just bristling with anger. I don't know what set her off. Walter bristled with rage as he saw the damage to his new car.
See also: bristle, rage
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Cleaning equipment manufacturers have improved the resilience and performance of their products and one of the earlier steps to safer brushes was the introduction of plastics that were much more resilient than traditional wood and fibrous bristles.
At right-angle orientations to gravity (90[degrees] or 270[degrees]), the statolith is displaced downward, toward the lower bristle groups.
With Outlook Ridge Residences and Bristle Ridge of DMCI Homes, the country's leader in providing themed lifestyle community developments, having a premier family vacation destination or a perfect choice for investment in an intimate space with recreational facilities and resort-inspired amenities is absolutely within reach.
The well-designed synthetic bristles make it easy to achieve a professional finish with waterbased paints.
Collins said, “As a representative for Shelter Management Group, the premier community managementcompany in Las Vegas for Home Owners Associations and developments, SMG wishes to welcome Ryland Homes Community, Bristle Falls to our family of properly overseen and managed properties.
Make sure the heads of the bristles are absolutely flat.
The TB heads were then sputter coated with Au-Pd and inspected and documented in the scanning electron microscope (SEM) at 200x top view for bristle diameter, 15x top view for tuft counts and 40x and 200x horizontal views for surface characteristics.
This shorthand indicates that there is one dorsocentral bristle anterior to the transverse suture on the mesoscutum and three dorsocentral bristles behind the suture.
Five more patients visited the ED during August 2011--June 2012 after inadvertent ingestion of a wire bristle that had become dislodged from a grill-cleaning brush and embedded in food.
Furthermore, there are clusters of bristles around one side surface of small bump which towards the clamp of the pincer and the direction of growth of the bristle is also same with the clamp.
Best of all, the bristles are super-soft and don't drop out as you paint, which saves you time and hassle.
We also assessed the wear of the bristles and bristle tips after two years of simulated brushing.
First, he stroked a cheap plastic-bristle brush against a table edge; the bristles split apart.
The Expert Anti-Bacterial Brushes include built-in Silver additives that release silver ions to help the bristle surface inhibit bacterial growth for up to 3 months the recommended time for a toothbrush to be changed.
1 : to rise up and stiffen like bristles <Her evil laugh makes your hair bristle.