bring (one) to justice

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bring (one) to justice

To punish one for a crime committed. My lawyer is confident that we can bring the man who stole my money to justice. The court must bring this criminal to justice.
See also: bring, justice

bring someone to justice

Fig. to punish someone for a crime. The police officer swore she would not rest until she had brought the killer to justice. Years later, the rapist was found out and finally brought to justice.
See also: bring, justice

bring somebody to ˈjustice

arrest somebody for a crime and put them on trial in a court of law: It is his job to bring the murderer to justice.
See also: bring, justice, somebody
References in periodicals archive ?
ONE of the West Midlands top cops last night warned armed criminals: We WILL bring you to justice.
Insp Jackson added: "My message to Christmas criminals is to think twice before committing crime in the Stockton area because we will bring you to justice.
The police will trace you and bring you to justice.
We will find you and we will use the full force of the law to bring you to justice.
Operation Nemesis carries a simple message to drug offenders: we are not going away and we will bring you to justice.