bring to the table

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bring something to the table

to provide something that will be a benefit Our partners brought useful skills to the table. You have to bring definite suggestions to the table.
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1 -- color) ``Instead of female and male, look at the capabilities and what they bring to the table.
Hart is happy to have Caryn join our team, and we anticipate positive customer feedback from the knowledge and fresh ideas she'll bring to the table," said Mike Hart, President and CEO, Hart Associates.
Our interest in the creation of the merged firm is to bring to the table a New York City based mega-firm that has the clear, professional capability of representing the major REITs at their nationwide locations with the same expertise that we bring to the mega-owners in New York City," he said.
There are very few who bring to the table what Lisa does in terms of product knowledge, integrity and customer service.
In many cases, the interviewers and hiring managers are people we helped place years earlier, which is a testament to the type of talent we bring to the table.
We believe we have a comprehensive approach that helps companies to take advantage of the knowledge and advice that their best customers bring to the table," said Debbie Bradley, Senior Vice President of Synapse Technology's business consulting group.