bring to the fore

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bring (something) to the fore

To emphasize something or make it more noticeable. Be sure to bring this argument to the fore when you rewrite your paper. Discrepancies in the yearly budget report brought questions of corruption to the fore.
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bring something to the fore

to move something forward; to make something more prominent or noticeable. All the talk about costs brought the question of budgets to the fore. The question of budget planning was brought to the fore.
See also: bring, fore
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The stories in Soul catcher are not so consistently magical and bristling with philosophical energy as are those in The Sorcerer's Apprentice but they do bring to the fore other aspects of Johnson's rich meditation on American history and culture.
Nine chapters of solid scholarship, substantial length, and superb informational value bring to the fore aspects of medieval musical culture spanning approximately seven centuries.
Lomu is expected to start on Saturday, hoping to rediscover the type of form he always seems to bring to the fore against England.
Reinforcing this direction in the home helps to bring to the fore our enthusiasm and spontaneity, as well as to inspire us to actively work on our health.
Plus also aims to bring to the fore the array of young, creative talent in Birmingham.
CIWF chief executive Joyce D'Silva said: "Monday's meeting of the EU Agriculture Council gives the UK Government an opportunity to bring to the fore the crucial issue of journey times, which affects millions of animals every year.
On The Edge aims to bring to the fore plays that would not otherwise be seen.
These are questions that the investigation will bring to the fore, taxpayers hope - and not just in the case of these troubling deals, which the supervisors themselves approved.
It's a topic which eyecare professionals must continue to bring to the fore when discussing their patients' lifestyle and lens requirements.
The campaign plans to bring to the fore the plight of lesbian women who are sexually victimized through corrective rape in Gauteng communities.
It is our responsibility to bring to the fore the truth if President Zardari or any other rival of the PML-N used media to launch campaign against us," Nisar said.
The ADIB brand identity, an evolution from the previous one, aims to bring to the fore its core values.
Over the past five years, I have attended two lobbies of Parliament to bring to the fore the plight of pensioners, while representing the national pensioners convention.
It will also bring to the fore the biggest collection of Grade 1 listed buildings outside London.
Famous in their day, of course, but pretty much sidelined these days, Stevenson and London both created bodies of work about the South Pacific that bring to the fore the tumultuous themes of colonialism.