bring to mind

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bring to mind

To cause one to think of or remember someone or something (which can be stated between "bring" and "to" or after "mind"). Can we go somewhere else for dinner? That place just brings my ex-girlfriend to mind. That song brings to mind many fond memories of my childhood.
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bring to mind somebody/something

also bring somebody/something to mind
to cause you to think of someone or something Something about her face brings to mind my first-grade teacher. My daughter said the story brought her relationship with me to mind.
Usage notes: also used in the form call to mind: He asked how I knew and I couldn't call it to mind at the time.
Related vocabulary: bring back something
See also: bring, mind

bring something/somebody to mind

to cause you to think of someone or something Something about his face brings to mind an old friend of mine.
See also: bring, mind

bring to mind

Cause to be remembered, as in The film brought to mind the first time I ever climbed a mountain. This idiom, first recorded in 1433, appears in Robert Burns's familiar "Auld Lang Syne" (1788), in which the poet asks if old times should never be brought to mind. Also see come to mind.
See also: bring, mind
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For the pro football faithful, the name may bring to mind a brash-talking hothead whose demand to "just give me the damn ball" sparked some ire in the National Football League after only his rookie season.
Parmiggiani sculpted the statues, which bring to mind the many historical figures that populate Dante's "Inferno.
The edging, obviously machine-made with a die, results in a clear, dry, and precise silhouette, and the works consequently bring to mind banners, heraldic coats of arms, or medieval emblems.
The more raucous songs, like "I Could Have Sex" (already a hit at scene-maker clubs like London's Nag Nag Nag), and Davis's bawdy, hilarious delivery bring to mind what might happen if the late LaWanda Page were a visiting lecturer at a cool contemporary art museum.
Narrating his own movie in flat, California cadences that bring to mind Kevin Costner, Brown bubbles and babbles on and on about the many dangers of the race and the special nature of the participants.
The silhouettes of the animals, arranged geometrically and in mirror images on the sheet, create an abstract bestiary of shadows that bring to mind the organic shapes of a Rorschach test.
A similar anachronism applies to the graphic technique, where fragments derived from antique parchments bring to mind illuminations, though the portraits have been printed on a transparent film, superimposed on a sheet of metallized paper, then framed by decorations scraped together from flea markets.
Take a listen to the upbeat ``(Reach Up for the) Sunrise,'' with its message of rebirth, or the soulful ``Bedroom Toys,'' a song that will bring to mind the era of sparkling disco balls.
The darkest section of the large canvas contains images of an hourglass, a skull, and some sticks, objects that might pertain to a shaman, as well as a mysterious chart holding apotropaic ciphers and signs that bring to mind archaic pictographic writings.
These themes and the film's quiet, unhurried pace bring to mind another recent western, ``The Hi-Lo Country,'' which also dealt with a transitional time in western America.
Shots of the Machias today - free-flowing whitewater, a moose and her calf, a flyfisherman - bring to mind that this video may be about another day, another era, but it's also about today and a stream that I consider Maine's best canoeing water.
It's strange that a kids' movie ostensibly about a beagle would bring to mind a stone-cold killer, but the one constant in the trilogy of ``Shiloh'' films made from prolific children's author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's books has been the solid presence of Scott Wilson, who played one of the convicted Clutter murderers (along with Robert Blake) in Richard Brooks' 1967 classic ``In Cold Blood.
Inspired by the silver-screen days of Bogart, Bacall and Dietrich, Carly Simon reels off songs that bring to mind shadowy nights in the naked city.