bring something into play

bring (something) into play

1. In sports, to hit or take the ball into the field of play so that the game can resume, as after a timeout or stoppage. He'll bring the ball into play and then pass it ahead to you.
2. To introduce something into a particular situation. Bringing a merger into play might be the best option to save the company. I really wanted to visit you this weekend, but the flu brought some other unpleasant factors into play.
See also: bring, play

bring something into play

cause something to begin to have an effect.
See also: bring, play, something

bring/call/put something into ˈplay

make something begin to work or operate; involve something in something: The exercise brings many skills into play.This latest decision calls many new factors into play.
See also: bring, call, play, put, something
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You can have a real desire to be stimulated, and this can be a plus if you bring something into play which helps to liven up your existence.
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