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But Celtic kid Herron solved the problem by calling up his sister and getting her to bring round his box from home.
If you were housebound or infirm, you could ring up and they would bring round a loaf.
He did his best - although, if we're nit-picking, making your mum buy you dinner and ordering friends to bring round bottles of wine is probably breaking the rules - but he just couldn't pull it off.
wine by looking for the grooviest label (yes, so do we), then wonder why the bottles other people bring round always taste better than yours (ditto), it's time to read Red Wine and White Wine, both by Jonathan Ray (pounds 8.
Earlier in the day, an attempt was made to bring round Taylor, who had been under heavy sedation in the intensive-care unit of Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, since his admission with head injuries following a fall at Perth on Friday, but this was not persevered with.
Locals said she would sometimes bring round bread and potatoes.
Then got a phone call from one of her neighbours asking when it would be convenient to bring round her clothes - and her cat.
FIRST a pounds 1mpink rock now Becks is reported to be splashing out pounds 10mon a Swiss chalet in a bid to bring round wife Victoria following the recent sex scandal allegations.
At six-over-par after seven holes of his second round, Woosnam said he was on the point of asking the sponsors for one of their mobile phones so he could tell his pilot to bring round his private jet and take him back home to Jersey.
Pay attention to the pilot's voice and use oflanguage for any reference to alcohol however vague ``We're currently boozing at 30,000 ft and the stewardess will shortly bring round what's left of the drinks trolley.
The compromise move by British diplomats at the UN may not be enough to bring round the French,Russians and Germans.
Dominick O'Byrne attacked Mary Kearney after charging into her flat and threatened to bring round a gang of thugs unless she moved out.
Police were the first to arrive at the house in Rainhill and they also tried to bring round the unconscious youngster.
Six over par after seven holes of his second round, Woosnam was about to ask for a mobile phone to tell his pilot to bring round his private jet and take him home to Jersey.
Haye claims he will slowly soften up his foe then take him out, which could bring rounds three or four into play.
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