bring off

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bring something off

to cause something to happen; to carry out a plan successfully. Do you think you can bring it off? She brought off her plan without a hitch!
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bring off something

also bring something off
to succeed in doing something Only a megacorporation has the resources to bring off this kind of deal.
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bring off

Accomplish, achieve successfully, as in We managed to bring off a wonderful performance. [Early 1900s]
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bring off

1. To accomplish something difficult: The promoters brought off the series of concerts without a single problem. We planned the party well beforehand so that we would be sure we could bring it off.
2. Vulgar Slang To cause someone to achieve orgasm.
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And Thistle were lucky to bring off the same score at home to Stirling Albion.
At the bottom, NORTHWICH's attempt to bring off a great escape continued when Michael Carr's stoppage time goal earned a 1-0 win over GRAYS.
But the B minor Mass depends on a first-rate chorus to bring off its powerful statement of Christian faith, and the Master Chorale wasn't up to the task.
Yet Bristol could have equalised when Marcus Browning, one of Rovers' busiest players, burst through with only the goalkeeper to beat, but saw the agile Andy Edwards bring off a brilliant one-handed save.
D'Arcy had a tight groin, and O'Sullivan admitted he was going to bring off the Wexford- born centre before O'Driscoll indicated he had a problem.
Mowbray said: "Ivan does not want to hear me say he is the ideal player to bring off the bench as he wants to play first team football every week.
I've drawn on each and every year of my 20 years of experience to bring off this feat, which involves close to 400 people in the production,'' she said.
Blades boss Warnock (above), who is banished to the stands while serving a touchline ban, was trying to get a message through to the dug-out to bring off Jack Lester when the striker grabbed the winner.
A Long Way Home'' (Reprise) is not quite as stylistically wide-ranging as 1995's ``Gone,'' but Yoakam and producer-guitarist Pete Anderson bring off these honky-tonk heartbreakers, rockabilly rave-ups, and Ray Price-style ballads with a mastery that is absolute.
Clinging on to a goal lead deep into injury time Houlihan was called upon to dive full length to bring off a miraculous save from Tony Carmody.
Like a stage magician, she can bring off a surprise ending like the best of the classic British writers, leaving the reader to mutter, ``Now, why didn't I think of that?
Iorfa took the penalty himself but Michael Dempsey went to his left to bring off an excellent save.
That's high praise, considering the movie was directed by Newell, who as an Englishman and the director of comedic and whimsical fare such as ``Four Weddings and a Funeral'' and ``Enchanted April'' hardly seemed a likely candidate to bring off an intimate portrait of life among New York's Mafiosi.
Before half-time Michael Devine in the Waterford goal stood his ground to bring off a very good save from Mark Gill.