bring in

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bring someone in (on something)

to include someone in some deed or activity. I'm going to have to bring a specialist in on this. Please bring in several specialists to advise on this case. Let's bring an expert in before we go any further.
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bring in something

also bring something in
to earn money She brings in about $600 a week.
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bring in

1. To move or guide something or someone into some place: Please bring in the newspaper before you close the door. I brought my child in to wait with me in my office.
2. To earn or yield a particular amount of money: Their wise investments have brought in millions of dollars. My second job brings a few extra dollars in.
3. To attract something or someone, such as business or customers: The new campaign has brought in thousands of tourists to the city. The movie should bring in big audiences.
4. To include someone in some activity: Do you think we should we bring him in on this project? The doctor is bringing in a specialist to look at her case.
5. To arrest someone for a crime: They brought my neighbor in on counterfeiting charges. The police want to bring in all of the robbery suspects by the end of the day.
6. To deliver some legal verdict to a court: The jury brought in their verdict within the hour. Make sure you are all comfortable with the verdict before you bring it in.
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