bring forward

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bring forward

1. To physically move someone or something forward. A noun can be used between "bring" and "forward" or after "forward." Bring forward those bracelets in the display case so people can actually see them. I don't have enough room back here—can you bring your seat forward a little?
2. To present something or someone. A noun can be used between "bring" and "forward" or after "forward." We have to bring forward these findings to the board of trustees, regardless of the scandal it might ultimately reveal. Counselor, bring your first witness forward.
3. To reschedule something to an earlier date or time. A noun can be used between "bring" and "forward" or after "forward." We need to bring this meeting forward at least two hours to accommodate the CEO's schedule.
4. In accounting, to transfer a sum to the next page or column. Did you bring forward the total from the last page? If not, that might be the source of the error.
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bring someone or something forward

to introduce someone or something; to move someone or something into a more visible position. Please bring him forward so that we can examine him. Please bring your chair forward so I can see you.
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bring something forward

(slightly formal) also bring forward something
to make something known During the trial, evidence was brought forward that proved the wrong person had been arrested.
Usage notes: often used in the form something was brought forward, as in the example
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bring forward

1. To present or produce something or someone: The lawyer needs to bring forward some real evidence to the court. If you have the information, please bring it forward.
2. To move an event or engagement to an earlier date or time: My boss brought forward the conference by three days so I could attend it before I left for vacation. That meeting is scheduled too late; we'll have to bring it forward.
3. In accounting, to carry a sum from one page or column to another: I copied the number incorrectly when I brought it forward to the last page. Bring forward your total on this column to line 4 of the next column.
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I hope what I can do is bring forward proposals that are so clearly based on principles and so clearly rooted in the evidence of what people need to do in the countryside that people will say `that's logical, this measure' and we will go along with it.
Any new investment from central government is greatly welcomed, however we will only bring forward project spending where this can be achieved safely and without putting at risk the overall strategy.
Councillors now want the Assembly to bring forward the 2008 start date for the proposed by-pass.
He said: 'I hope to bring forward the proposals in weeks rather than months.
ThoughtWorks, known for it distributed global delivery approach and dominant regional presence, leverages the most talented software and technology professionals, wherever they might be located, to bring forward exceptional solutions for its clients at home and abroad.
Of those respondents who plan to bring forward publicly owned land for development in the next year, 89 per cent said that it would be used for social housing (compared with 62 per cent in the last 12 months); and 86 per cent said that it would be used for private housing (compared with 59 per cent in the last 12 months).
The land holdings and the buildings provide an asset base which can be used to help bring forward funding for physical regeneration infrastructure projects which will help fuel our construction sector.
Just over 400 new homes a year are becoming available against a target of 700 between 2004 and 2011 and officials say there is an urgent need to bring forward new sites for housing projects.
The Liberal Democrat MP, who is vice president of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee is calling on the European Commission to honour its commitment to bring forward a comprehensive directive to outlaw discrimination in access to goods and services.
MEATH GAA chiefs have praised the decision to bring forward Saturday's qualifier tie with Fermanagh by an hour.
THE Government will bring forward its proposals on hunting ``within weeks'' rural affairs minister Alun Michael said yesterday.
An accelerated pre-stripping program of the Magellan deposit to bring forward the mining of Magellan's higher grade ore by 12 months
He said: "I'm shocked that the Lib Dems on Newcastle Council have not taken up the Government's offer to bring forward spending on school building projects coordinated by the council.
A North East MP was today writing to the developers of the Great North Park urging them to bring forward vital drainage work to prevent future flooding.
KIA is urgently making plans to bring forward shipments of cars to Britain from South Korea after 4,000 cars - 1,300 of them UK-bound - sank in the South China Sea last Sunday in a collision off Singapore between a car freighter and a super tanker.