bring forth

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bring someone or something forth

to present or produce someone or something. Bring the roast turkey forth! Bring forth the roast turkey!
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bring forth something

also bring something forth
to make something available Maddie brought forth a new line of clothes.
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bring forth

1. Give rise to, introduce. For example, I may be new, but I can still bring forth any proposals I consider necessary. [c. 1200]
2. Give birth; see under bring into the world.
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bring forth

1. To present something or someone: Bring forth the best champagne for our hero!
2. To give rise to something; produce something: Our speech brought forth enthusiastic applause.
3. To give birth to someone: Eight months after conception, she brought forth a child.
See also: bring, forth
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Written expressly to bring forth the story of Jesus in an era when so few have paid close attention to it, Jesus: An Intimate Portrait of the Man, His Land, and His People is written for readers of all faiths, and resonates deeply from beginning to end no matter how familiar one is with the New Testament and Jesus' story.
Three organizations are awaiting word from the government as to where the Mattagami River Hydro Electric Project lies with the Ontario government's plan to bring forth new energy initiatives.
Our experience and expertise bring forth a valuable contribution and will contribute to a successful deployment of a service-level management solution," stated Sean McDermott, president and CEO of Windward Consulting Group.
To earn the inheritance, Tse will have to keep discovering new substances and processes from which to bring forth her polytocous cr eations.
They'll bring forth a platter of spheres and sausage shapes of ground beef in various forms, and also beef that's skewered, grilled, even steamed.
In the biblical account, God willed that the ground Adam tilled would be cursed and bring forth thorns and thistles.
The book's second part pursues moral choices that Laura's changeability, the isolation of Vaucluse, and the spiritual condition of darkness bring forth.
3 Phases also donated enough renewable energy certificates to offset the carbon emissions associated with symposium participants' travel to bring forth an event with a small carbon footprint.
He fully expects an improved road connection and faster access to southern Ontario will bring forth even greater exposure for the town and open up new business opportunities.
Author Timothy Whitfield uses the combination of his delightful imagination and knowledge of his home state, PA, to bring forth a tale of inner-city madness.
In fact, the arrows signify both the incessant manifestation of energy and the vibration of atoms that compose matter and the universe, as well as the rays of sun that bring forth life.
We are anxious to bring forth all of the information about the financial operations of the district,'' said Anthonette Vidal, one of the recall leaders and a parent of children in Palmdale schools.
In its report, The Bull Market Report wrote: "Combined with record debt levels, lame wage growth, and higher energy prices, it appeared the elements were in place to bring forth a new and bigger supply of delinquent consumer accounts.
The principals are directed to bring forth a student for expulsion unless they find circumstances that make them think expulsion is not appropriate.
Since that first project Juliet Homes has continued to bring forth integrity to building starting with great materials and craftsmanship resulting in a high-end product without the exurbanite "inner loop" price point.