bring back

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bring back

1. To cause something to regain its former popularity. In this usage, a noun can be used between "bring" and "back." Yeah, let's not bring back the leisure suit—it's not a good look for anyone. Several new artists seem to be bringing '80s pop back.
2. To return an item to its owner or to its original place. In this usage, a noun can be used between "bring" and "back." You can borrow my textbook, but please bring it back tomorrow so I can study for the test. I need to bring back these books to the library by Thursday.
3. To bring someone to a particular place or person. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "back." I'm taking my niece to the zoo tomorrow afternoon and then bringing her back to her dad's house afterward. You should bring back Dana to our house after your meeting, I want to talk to her.
4. To induce memories of one's past. That song brings back such fond memories of my childhood.
5. To reanimate a person or animal that has died. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "back." I would give anything to bring my father back—he died far too young. Do you think we'll ever bring back the woolly mammoth?
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bring someone or something back

to make someone or something return. (See also bring something back to life.) Would you please bring the child back? Bring back my child!
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bring something back (to someone)

to remind someone of something. The funeral brought memories back. The warm winds brought back the old feeling of loneliness that I had experienced so many times in the tropics.
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bring something back

to restore an earlier style or practice. Please bring the good old days back. Bring back good times for all of us.
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An MoD spokesman said: "There is an extremely robust process in place to allow personnel to legally bring back souvenirs from overseas.
It follows The Grocer's Bring Back A Brand campaign on Facebook, which asked the public to vote for their-favourite forgotten treats.
Alan McGaw, Grangemouth, said: "We should bring back standing areas.
Some backbench MPs have backed the call to bring back capital punishment, including Priti Patel (Con, Witham) and Philip Davies (Con, Shipley).
The Tories, who claim two-thirds of Primary Care Trusts in England no longer offer screening to pupils, will this week set out plans to bring back a national programme for all five-year-olds if they get into power.
bring to : to bring back from unconsciousness : revive
THE amount of duty-free goods UK travellers can bring back from non-EU countries is to rise for the second time in a month.
The Government's conservation agency Natural England, the RSPB and Anglian Water are hoping to bring back the species, which was driven to extinction in England more than 200 years ago and disappeared from the UK entirely by 1918.
Povinelli points out that most of the apes didn't consistently bring back the pipe until halfway through the experiment, which is what he'd expect for the association explanation.
We were able to bring back words and symbols and rituals of healing.
3) What might I be able to bring back to my students or my fellow teachers?
You should not bring back goods for friends/family if they are paying you, or paying for your travel cost