bring away

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bring something away

 (from something)
1. to come away from some event with some important insight or information. I brought some valuable advice away from the lecture. She brought away some valuable advice from the meeting.
2. to move something away from something. (A request to move something away from something and toward the requester.) Bring the pitcher of water away from the fireplace. Bring away the pitcher from the fireplace when you get up.
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References in classic literature ?
The occupation he set himself was to visit these with all discretion and speed, and, in the event of finding anywhere that he had left a bill unpaid, and a box or parcel behind, to pay such bill, and bring away such box or parcel.
It was the only absolute proof of my experiences which I was able to bring away with me.
They were, however, so completely decayed, that I could only bring away small fragments of one of the great molar teeth; but these are sufficient to show that the remains belonged to a Mastodon, probably to the same species with that, which formerly must have inhabited the Cordillera in Upper Peru in such great numbers.
I must go once more to the ministry, to bring away my papers, and show Baudoyer the routine of the business," he said to himself at last.
According to Pye, Ford's business required him to keep a horse and cart and when his men were at leisure he sent them to Aston furnace to bring away large masses of scoriae, usually termed slag or dross, that lay there in great abundance.
The only downside is that my encounter with such hidden gems is destined to be a brief one and I am limited to what I can bring away with me no thanks to those pesky baggage allowances.
Features with the patented Triangle Cool technology, WINDFORCE 600W can bring away the heat easily from GPU.
Earlier, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon revealed what Mr Annan was looking to bring away from the summit.
Add beaten eggs and as mixture starts to cook around the edges bring away from edge of pan.
The cathedral's own historical records dating back to 1405 talk about the citizens of Dublin raiding Wales, doing much mischief and bring away the shrine of Cybi (also known as St Cubius) and "placing it in the church of this priory".
If all teams could bring away support like that we'd be very happy indeed.
Clearly this is the type of book from which each reader will bring away her own strongest impression.
They were also allowed to bring away an unlimited amount of belongings.
Q: At the end of a busy camping trip or tiring activity, what do you bring away from the experience?