bring around

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bring someone around

1. Lit. to bring someone for a visit; to bring someone for someone (else) to meet. Please bring your wife around sometime. I'd love to meet her. You've just got to bring around your doctor friend for dinner.
2. and bring someone around (to consciousness) Fig. to bring someone to consciousness. The doctor brought around the unconscious man with smelling salts. The boxer was knocked out, but his manager brought him around.
3. and bring someone around (to one's way of thinking bring); someone around (to one's position) Fig. to persuade someone (to accept something); to manage to get someone to agree (to something). The last debate brought around a lot of voters to our candidate. I knew I could bring her around if I just had enough time to talk to her.
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bring something around

 (to someone or something)
1. to move something, such as a vehicle, from one place to another, especially so it can be used. Would you kindly have James bring the car around? Tony will bring around the car to us.
2. to distribute something to someone or a group. (Said by a person who intends to receive what is brought.) Please bring the snacks around to us. Carl is bringing around the snacks to us.
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bring around

Also, bring round.
1. Conduct someone or convey something to others. For example, Anne brought around the new intern to meet the nursing staff, or The clerk will bring round the papers for you to sign. [Late 1800s]
2. Also, bring to. Restore to health or consciousness. For example, Some fresh air will help bring him to. [First half of 1800s]
3. Convert or persuade someone, as in The senator was sure he could bring around the other committee members. [Mid-1800s]
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bring around

or bring round
1. To move or lead something or someone to a particular place: Please bring the car around to the front of the building. You should bring your kids around to play with our kids sometime.
2. To distribute something among a group: The servers will be bringing around refreshments shortly. If you're all hungry, I can bring some sandwiches around.
3. To direct some conversation toward a particular subject: At the meeting, I tried to bring the discussion around to our biggest problems, but no one wanted to talk about them.
4. To persuade someone to adopt a particular point of view or to do something: The employees tried to bring around their boss to their way of approaching the problem. He was reluctant to come with her, but she brought him around.
5. To cause someone to recover consciousness: I had passed out, but the fresh air brought me around.
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The road was officially opened by John Taylor, leader of the council, who said: "This road is already bringing an enormous economic boost to Rugeley and could bring around 2,000 jobs to the town.
ONE of the highlights of the Welsh farming year will bring around 25,000 people to the Royal Welsh showground next week for an event that illustrates the vibrancy of agriculture in Wales.
The company, which bought Gamestation from US rental giant Blockbuster, added the acquisition would bring around pounds 7 million a year in cost savings in the second year following the deal.
David Porter, partner at Knight Frank, Liverpool, said: "It will bring around 14,000 new jobs and pounds 2bn of investment - but even without it, the market in Liverpool is already on an exponential course of change.
But if they can bring around critics of the Endangered Species Act, I'm all for it.
The new move will bring around 150 new jobs to the area, including 50 on the administrative side and 100 in production.
PLANS are in the pipeline for a pounds 3million development in Warwick which will bring around 200 jobs to the region.
Abu Marzouk believes that the internal situation in Israel, as protestors demanding social reforms continue to pile pressure on the government in the many 'tent cities' springing up around the country, will help bring around fertile ground for the renewal of the prisoner swap deal.
This move will help to bring around 500 employees back to work.
Thomas Cook has more than 50,000 British holidaymakers stranded overseas, but has managed to bring around 2,500 home so far.
The issue of young carers is something that is often overlooked by teachers, and therefore I feel my project will really help bring around some tangible benefits to students at the school.
Newcastle was chosen as one of the first wave of cities to be included because it has around 42,000 students registered at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, who bring around pounds 900m to the city's economy.
It had been in the hands of a private collector and is expected to bring around $100,000.
He'll immediately bring around 20 greyhounds and will start trialling on the weekend," said Hall Green racing manager Rob Coulthard.