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full to the brim

Completely full; teeming; having no room to spare. I've got so many meetings and deadlines these days that my schedule is full to the brim! Her mind was full to the brim with ideas for her new book. I felt full to the brim after my grandmother's Thanksgiving meal.
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brim over

1. Of a liquid, to flow over the top of a container. Turn off the burner before the soup brims over!
2. To exhibit something, such as a trait or emotion, to a great degree. With our trip just days away, the kids are totally brimming over with excitement. This song just brims over with emotion.
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brim with (something)

To exhibit something, such as a trait or emotion, to a great degree. With our trip just days away, the kids are totally brimming with excitement. This song just brims with emotion.
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brim over (with something)

 and brim with something
to overflow with something. The basket was brimming over with flowers. I was brimming with confidence after my recent success.
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brimming with something

Fig. full of some kind of happy behavior. The volunteer workers were brimming with goodwill. The smiling children were brimming with joy.
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filled to the brim

filled all the way full; filled up to the top edge. I like my coffee cup filled to the brim. If the glass is filled to the brim, I can't drink without spilling the contents.
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filled to the brim

As full as possible; also, completely satisfied. For example, We're filled to the brim with excitement. This expression transfers the idea of a container filled to the very top. W.S. Gilbert used it in the comic opera The Mikado (1885): "Three little maids from school are we, Filled to the brim with girlish glee." [c. 1600]
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n. a hat. Man, that is one fine brim you got.
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Brims also attended the academy's annual careers fair, an award ceremony to mark the early completion of the new building and conducted site tours for the students during construction.
Brims Construction have been fined after a worker fell through this roof light
Consider your face shape Generally the following rules apply: | Square - Go for a wide-brimmed hat, particularly when worn at an angle or wearing the brim asymmetrically.
Despite the generally accepted idea that people who wear glasses should avoid wearing hats, Felicity says it's just a case of creating some depth between them and the brim of the hat.
Cerise and black up-turned brim, pounds 115 Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY' Black and white feather fascinator, pounds 85' Pebble and chocolate feather fascinator, pounds 85' Teardrop skull cap with black feathers, pounds 95
Square Face: If you're going for a hat with a brim, slant it.
THE shops are brim full of headgear in natural materials and bright, bold colours.
Environmental Protection Agency's Worker Protection Standard for Agriculture requires a chemical-resistant hood or chemical-resistant hat with a wide brim for pesticide application if the pesticide label calls for head protection.
Brims said they would focus on boosting the chain's c-store business, phasing out the CTN stores.
On that fateful night, men from Brims had dropped everything and ran to the lifeboat shed when they heard that a cargo ship was being blown by gales on to rocks to the east of South Ronaldsay.
A central goal of the Thermo Fisher BRIMS Center is to enable and participate in groundbreaking proteomics research that holds promise to make new, potentially lifesaving, discoveries," said Marc N.
Also in the public sector, Brims has recently started work on a PS2m redevelopment of Durham University's Collingwood College, due to be completed within a 13-week window, and will be carrying out improvements at three schools in Morpeth owned by the Three Rivers Learning Trust.
uk Sui "Wi Suits: oval face "With an oval-shaped face you can wear smaller pillboxes as well as wider brims but keep your eye on your whole silhouette to make sure you have the balance right and your brim is not too overpowering.
Lieutenant General Robin Brims and former principal of Gateshead College, David Cheetham, will join the board of Norcare, a supported housing charity which helps some of the most disadvantaged people in the region.
Some hats can be trimmed to fit women's smaller frames by making the brims shorter - which can look more flattering.