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brighten up (the) day

To make a situation more pleasant or enjoyable; to make one happier. Finding $20 on my way home really brightened up my day! Janice is such a good friend. Talking to her always brightens up the day.
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brighten up

1. To add color, light, and/or cheer to a space (perhaps one that is dim, dark, or gloomy). I can't wait for the flowers I planted to blossom into beautiful colors and brighten up our yard. A new paint color really brightened up that old house.
2. To make something lighter in color. I'm thinking of brightening up my hair with some blonde highlights. It really looks like rain right now—I'd wait to go out until the sky brightens up a bit.
3. To become happier in mood, especially after one has been glum or sad. Your mother really brightened up when she got the flowers you sent.
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brighten up

to become brighter; to lighten, especially with sunshine. The sky is brightening up a little. When the morning sky brightens up just a little, the birds begin to sing.
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brighten up

1. To become brighter or more intense in color: The sky brightened up quickly as the clouds dispersed.
2. To make something brighter or more intense in color: Some red paint will brighten up this dreary room. Put some yellow into the dye to brighten it up.
3. To become happier; improve one's mood or outlook: He brightened up after you began talking with him.
4. To make someone happier or more cheerful: The sunny weather brightened up the tired travelers. A cool glass of lemonade would brighten me up right now.
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Gans works with Equitance and is the spokesperson for the "Equitance 60 Day Brightening Challenge," helping to educate consumers on the benefits of the Skin Radiance supplements and the nutrition needed for brighter skin.
The range comprises Brightening Cream SPF15 and Brightening Serum, which contain active ingredients that inhibit the production of melanin, along with powerful antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, and skin soothing botanicals to firm and tone the skin.
These brightening events usually last about a month.
Brightening a dull complexion TO make skin more luminous, deep-cleanse your face using a cleansing oil like Super Facialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brighten Collection Skin Renew Cleansing Oil, PS10.
FOR skin discoloured and damaged by the sun, the Mychelle Apple Brightening Cleanser is designed to cleanse, refine and smooth the face.
The Brightening Facial costs RO40 and takes 90 minutes.
com BRIGHTER Brighten mum's day with Bobbi Brown's sheer and silky Brightening Finishing Powder.
Then, applying the Brightening Finish Powder in new Porcelain Pearl (PS40) on the high points of the face, will highlight and brighten the skin.
com)-- Wisconsin-based Elysee Scientific Cosmetics has announced their LuminAcai Skin Brightening Moisturizer to protect skin against the visible signs of aging.
For a brighter complexion without the TOWIE tango tan look, treat her to this brightening finishing powder from Bobbi Brown (pounds 40).
BRIGHTENING UP BELL GREEN: Janet Leadbeater residents assocation chairman, Kelly Lewis of Whitefriars and resident Winifred Falconor.
PERFECT for brightening up your summer table is this sunflower salad bowl with servers, pounds 27.
Decleor Aroma White C Protective Brightening Day Emulsion pounds 44, 50ml A combination of plant complex and vitamin C along with anti-oxidants and peptides help regulate the skin's pigmentation process.
It contains the exclusive Bright + ComplexA[R] a" a blend of Vitamin C and other brightening agents to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, spots and discoloration.
PUT some sparkle into your mum's eyes this Mother's Day with a FREE pack of 30 Simple Radiance Brightening Eye Make-Up Remover Pads, worth pounds 3.