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brief (someone) about (someone or something)

To tell someone key information about someone or something, often an issue or situation. Please brief me about the candidate that I'll be interviewing this afternoon. Someone needs to brief the CEO about the investigation before he speaks to the media.
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in brief

In summary; to say it briefly. The film was, in brief, dull. If you can, please explain it in brief.
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brief someone about someone or something

 and brief someone on someone or something
to tell someone a summary with the essential details about someone or something. We need to brief the president about the latest event. I have to brief Michael on the new procedures at work.
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hold no brief for someone or something

not to tolerate someone or something; to be opposed to someone or something. I hold no brief for Wally and his friends. Rachel holds no brief for that kind of thing.
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in brief

briefly; concisely. The whole story, in brief, is that Bob failed algebra because he did not study. Please tell me in brief why you want this job.
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hold no brief for

Refuse to support, dislike, as in I hold no brief for liars. This term is a negative version of the legal expression hold a brief for, meaning "to support or defend a position by argument." The noun brief has been used in this way since the 1200s.
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in brief

Also, in short; in a word. Concisely, in few words, to sum up. All three phrases usually precede or follow a summary statement, as in In brief, we didn't get much out of his speech, or There was no agenda; in short, they could discuss whatever they wanted to, or The sun was shining, the sky was clear-in a word, it was a beautiful day. The first expression dates from the early 1400s; in short dates from the 1300s but the present usage dates from the 1700s; the hyperbolic in a word (since there is nearly always more than one word) dates from the late 1500s.
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hold no brief for something

If you hold no brief for a person, organization, activity or belief, you do not support them or respect them. This newspaper holds no special brief for a committee that has done nothing to distinguish itself in the past. He holds no brief for formal education. Note: In law, a brief is all the papers relating to a particular client's case that are collected by the client's solicitor and given to the barrister who will represent them in court.
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in brief

COMMON If someone says or writes something in brief, they use as few words as possible and do not give many details. This in brief is how I see the situation at the moment. The disease is discussed in brief here.
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hold no brief for

not support or argue in favour of.
The brief referred to is the summary of the facts and legal points in a case given to a barrister to argue in court.
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hold no ˈbrief for somebody/something

(formal) not be in favour of or not support somebody/something, for example a cause, an idea, etc: I hold no brief for long prison sentences but this terrible crime really deserves one.
Brief in this expression is the summary of facts and legal points in a case that is given to a lawyer to argue in a court. If a lawyer ‘holds no brief for’ a person, company, etc. this is not one of their clients/cases.

in ˈbrief

in a few words: I won’t give a you a long history of the dispute; in brief, it led to the business closing.And now, the news in brief.
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in brief

In short.
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On the ground floor, the accommodation briefly comprises an entrance hall, two reception rooms with laminate flooring and a feature fireplace, plus a fitted kitchen with an oven and hob.
Michael Sheen turned out for the American launch of the Richard Burton Diaries, and briefly stole the great man's limelight as Swansea University Vice Chancellor Professor Richard B Davies was on hand in New York to present the degree to Sheen.
At Christmas, we briefly become different people, but we can be permanently changed by surrendering to the transforming peace of God.
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Briefly, I served as a bishop's messenger in the diocese of Athabasca, in my own parish church of St.
Opposition to the Lords was to remain a part of the extra-parliamentary radical movement as it had been throughout much of the century until parliamentary and popular criticisms of the Lords were briefly united in 1910-1911.
Before describing briefly each contribution, it is important to define "research methods" because as Williamson, Burstein, and McKemmish (2000) pointed out, research methods and data collection techniques are sometimes difficult to distinguish.
Mark Bingham is briefly shown explaining his love for, and involvement in, a rugby league; this sets up the film's climax, in which the would-be victims form a rugby-style scrum behind a food service cart as they attack the hijackers in an attempt to retake the cockpit.
JOHN Prescott's wife Pauline smiled and briefly held his hand as they voted in local elections last night.
Crude oil futures briefly neared $70 a barrel on Wednesday in New York, amid rising concerns over the Middle East situation stemming from Iran's recent announcement that it has successfully enriched low-grade uranium.
Raise the DB's from the side with straight arms to a position slightly above parallel to the floor, pause briefly, and then return with control to the starting position.
The voice-over, apparently from Franklin's diaries--"If the earth opens and swallows me up, this does not mean my trust in it was misplaced"--might briefly position the magnifier's user as the explorer thinking of his distant wife, or, more generally, could imply that his own demise was just one of a lineage of losses in the common adventure of love.
The first chapter divides Arab immigration into four periods and discusses briefly Mexican immigration policy.
In this article, we briefly report our prospective study of middle turbinate resection during endoscopic sinus surgery.